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5 things your body would tell you if you were listening by Dr Dain Heer

5 things your body would tell you if you were listening by Dr Dain Heer

Have you ever been in a relationship with someone who was in constant judgment of you? Or perhaps a friend who never really listens to what you are saying and ignores you? Not much fun, is it? This describes the way many of us function in our relationship with our body. Our body is always there, contributing to us, taking care of us, making sure we get where we need to go. And often times our response is judgment of how bad and wrong it is, or we choose to ignore it completely.

What if you could create a different relationship with your body; one of kindness, caring and communion? What if you began to ask your body questions and truly listen to what it has to say?

Below are 5 things that your body would say to you if you were listening.

1. Do one thing a day to nurture, acknowledge and appreciate me.

Touching your body is one way to communicate with and nurture it. When you wake up in the morning, for three minutes, gently touch your body as if it belongs to somebody you care for.

2. Stop judging me.

When you wake up in the morning, make a conscious choice to stop the litany of judgment that you start each day with. Instead, thank your body and tell it how grateful you are for it.

3. I was created to have fun.

What if the sole purpose of life was to have fun? Would that change the way you do things? Is it fun for your body to be touched? To feel the sun on its skin? To walk with its feet in the grass? What if you started to have fun now?

4. Ask me about me.

How much have you done to your body because somebody said it would create a result? How many diets, foods, herbs, fads, have you tried because somebody said? Ask your body. Your body has the answers if you start asking.

5. Ask me what it would take to get me to look the way you want me to.

If you want your body to look a certain way, first acknowledge the greatness of it, as it is and then ask what it would take to shift some things and create some change. Your body is happy to comply. It will let you know what it would take. Ask and take time to listen.

Dr Dain Heer is an international speaker, best- selling author and co-creator of Access Consciousness. He will be visiting the Sunshine Coast in November facilitating a variety of workshops including one of his signature classes,
‘A Taste of Being’, on the 25th November
at Peppers Resort in Noosa.
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