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7 Day Sensory Self-Care Retreat!!!

Indulge in some time out in the heart of Byron Bay with leading health and lifestyle educator and author Kim Morrison!

Have you ever wished you could just escape from the busy-ness of life? Take some
time to re-connect, re-energise and recharge? If this lights you up, you may well be
screaming a resounding ‘Hell yeah!’ to that one! Question is where do you go? What
is the best thing to do? And how do you know it will be worth it?

Well, it has been proven that taking just a few days out of your busy life on a
retreat, in an exquisite environment, learning new rituals and new healthy habits
can be the equivalent of a 6-week holiday. And to really solidify your learnings… it
can be even better when you retreat with like-minded souls, a friend, or your
partner. That way when you return to ‘normality’ you will have others to share the
journey and support you as you integrate back into your everyday life. The point is
you do not want to wait for burn-out or illness to strike to remind you of the
importance of time-out and self-care.

Like you, I know what it is like to be full on and busy. As a wife, mum, business
owner and speaker, I know life can get very full and sometimes overwhelming, let’s
say some days can be nothing short of exhausting! And there is no one to say – hey
take a break, take some time off and just chill! It can feel literally impossible to
imagine even taking time out, let alone knowing where to go and what to do for
maximum return. I created this Sensory Self-Care Retreat because I understand that
feeling, I know that getting your health back on track and creating new healthy
habits for life can be incredibly challenging. I know we all want to be better
versions of ourselves, better partners, parents, co-workers and friends… And I know
learning how to integrate positive new habits has far greater impact when you
experience them rather than just reading about them!

So if you connect to any of these feelings and are keen to:

* Stay in a luxury retreat in the beautiful Byron Bay for 7 days
* Not have to think about cooking or cleaning for a whole week
* Eat amazing, healthy meals and experience the local farmers market in person
* Learn how to cook quick, healthy, vibrant meals for the whole family
* Experience what it truly means to drop out, relax and take care of yourself
* Try your hand at yoga and indulge in a beautiful full body massage treatment
* Mix with like-minded souls all willing to learn, have some fun and just hang out
* Take some time exploring the amazing Byron Bay hinterland, Lighthouse, Crystal
Castle and Minyon Falls
* And enjoy a spectacular sunrise from a hot air balloon sipping on champagne or

Then this 7-Day Sensory Retreat is for YOU!

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to take some precious time out to honour
the fact that self-care is not selfish – it’s essential! And I personally cannot wait
to see you there!

Kim xx

From the 12th-18th October 2015 you can join Kim Morrison – author, speaker, health
and lifestyle educator and self-care connoisseur for a transformational week
designed to recharge, refresh and renew your mind, body and soul!

There are just a few spaces left so if this lights your fire you can click here
to find out more and secure your place!
You can even ring Kim direct on 07-5493-4400 for a more detailed explanation!

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