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Are World Events Waking More People Up? by Raelene Byrne

Are you watching world events and feeling helpless, hopeless and emotionally disabled from the ‘interesting’ happenings globally?  There is a palpable rise in fear, chaos, worry, along with anger directed at ‘them’ (those who are creating havoc, which reinforces the idea of separation!)

The more we engage externally, getting caught up in the anger of the world, the harder it is to find our true centre. We forget our true capabilities. We forget to see the wonderment, the acts of compassion, the incredible things being done quietly to support and assist others on a global scale.

The world is focused on drama, yet there is a multitude of amazing things being achieved, happening, being birthed.

There are no real answers for what is occurring, however, there are ways to hold yourself without becoming lost in the web of chaos. At the heart, we desire love and respect. Yet, we can be fast to blame, quick to judge, even instantaneous in finding fault with others.

The daily tuning into our centre, our place where love and respect exists, allows your connection to something vast and infinite. We may not understand why things are happening, our human mind has been trained to see and believe what we are told, but we can take care of how much energy and quality of energy, we give to all these events.

Sure there are horrid things happening to many innocent people, animals and our planet…. there are no ‘sensible excuses or reasons’ that our human mind can understand… and it keeps happening.

What can each of us do? Keep finding that place of peace in self, take care of what we need to, offer powerful thought and intentions, prayers and healing energy into the world around us, practise being non-judgmental for a day at a time, think about what is coming out of your mouth before you say it, exercise acceptance for others, as none of us knows what another person is experiencing, read uplifing and inspiring things, google the proactive actions being done all over the world to bring awareness, education, opportunities and empowerment.

Taking a few moments each day, to close your eyes, shutting out the world, tuning into your centre, breathing with any intention, can really offer support while the ‘weird crazy’ around us occurs.

The Maharishi Effect, a study conducted in a  war-torn, country, delivered INCREDIBLE results – the rates of violence, hospital admissions, etc dropped when a certain number of people were meditating each day.

There is power in holding space, meditating, setting intentions. As mere mortals, we have forgotten, that we can interact from an energetic perspective and initiate change.

We are connected to something universal, getting glimpses of it occurs when you TUNE in. The energy we offer fills the world around us, maybe if we take some responsibility for our output, we just might feel more helpful, than disabled and overwhelmed with being helpless.



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