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Back to basics with your powerful breath by Raelene Byrne

Back to basics with your powerful breath by Raelene Byrne

The first thing we all do instinctively when born is to inhale, and take the first gulp of air which signifies our arrival, our soul has landed, earthed and birthed.

We are here, we have inhaled the world into our awareness. The last thing we do before we leave our earthly body is to exhale, and our soul travels with that last breath, there is release, letting go and surrender.

From that first moment of birth, the breath of life travels through us in many inhalations and exhalations, being the quiet witness to how we live, the choices we make, the way we show up. Most of our breathing through life is almost automatic, without regard to the depth of power this life-giving instinct offers.

Our first inhalation and last exhalation define our whole life, a beginning and an end point, yet in each day, every breath can become a whole new lifetime, so our days are filled with opportunities to experience more life, more love, more joy, more peace by simply connecting to the breath and allowing its wisdom to guide us towards the inner truth of our true self and soul.

We have this incredible tool; for changing any moment in our lives.

The simplicity of the breath is so profound, incredibly transformative, cleansing releasing, altering and powerful in realigning to self.

Most times we forget about it until we become ill, have shortness of breath, are stressed, emotional or have panic or anxiety attacks.

Watch a newborn breathe…it is deep, it expands into the belly, massaging organs via the movement of the diaphragm. As we mature, we become shallow breathers, into the upper chest which results in a cyclic process of stress, which means we have a ‘normal state’ of activity and response. Stress creates shallow breathing, and shallow breathing creates stress situations in the body. No wonder when we start working with breathing techniques, we feel better and more at peace.

We are often told to take a deep breath before we attempt something we may have feared, we breathe and count to 10 if feeling stressed or angry, we pant when in pain, count breaths when exercising, focus on the breath in meditation, purposefully slow our breathing to a measured count when panicked or anxious. We have this incredible tool to navigate all parts of our lives, to alter any situation we are in, to build a bridge to something else more aligned.

Each breath carries us from one moment to the next, the thread of life. Once we start to connect to it regularly, we will see big changes in our lives.

Following the breath cycles, creates a pause which allows us to drop into an inner sanctum of wisdom. We can respond more truthfully, instead of reacting defensively.

Let’s go back to basics, let’s go back to the simplicity of breathing.

Everything begins and ends there…so take a slow deep breath… relax.

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