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Being an Empath – Gift or Curse? By Brett Barry

“I’m confused.. why am I feeling like this?”
“I can feel other people’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual vibrations
around me. I am so drained I need to sleep.”

Does this sound like you?

Empaths find themselves experiencing life through other people’s emotions. We can
feel physical, mental and emotional vibrational energy of others. We are always
finding other people’s moods oozing into our own experiences. At times it’s a real
battle to gain a clear mind to move forward with our own lives, as we are at times
over sensitive to other people’s feelings.

Empathising is a very useful tool, especially in the healing arts. However we find
ourselves taking on other people’s baggage. Empaths need to establish boundaries
to identify what feelings are our own and what feelings are not.

I had to start establishing boundaries for myself as an empath. I was over
sensitive to other people’s energy and finally had enough. It was draining my
energy and effecting my health in a way that on some days I couldn’t get up out of
bed. The following boundaries are for anyone to follow. You don’t have to be an
empath to gain the benefits of these boundaries.

The boundaries I established are as follows:

1. AWARENESS: Be aware of your environment at work and home. Give support to
others, however don’t let their energy absorb you. Recognise their energy and
focus on a positive resolution to either raise their vibration if negative and
down, or support their vibration if positive and uplifting.

2. POSITIVITY – Anything that is positive, uplifting and raises your vibration
absorb it. If it’s negative, recognise it and flush it down the portaloo. Practice
gratitude daily.

3. BALANCE – Start to balance sleep, nutrition, meditation and exercise. Don’t
sleep more or less than eight hours a night and make a commitment to go for a
30 minute walk every day. Balance provides empaths with a positive neurological

4. DOWN TIME – make sure you are connecting with yourself and having down time.
Put the mobile phone and lap top away. Commit to having at least two hours per day
down time with no technology around you. Incorporate connecting with family in
this time and connecting with each other. What about a group activity like a board
game or a walk in the park, or going to the beach?

Once you connect to your higher self, build awareness and establish boundaries being
an empath is such a gift to honour.

Contact Brett for a face to face, telephone reading or holistic coaching session Phone: 0422 709 119.

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