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Cacao and Peanut Cookies by Jill Milne


Chocolate is one of our favourite flavours here in the cafe, so Easter is our favourite time of year!

We choose to use Organic Cacao in our chocolate recipes as it’s gluten free, vegan and raw as well as totally yummy!

Raw cacao is cold pressed without solvents that gives a product of over 360% more antioxidants than regular cocoa, 14 times more antioxidants than red wine, 21 times more than green tea and 7 times more than dark chocolate!!! We always said chocolate was good for you!

Here is one of our popular biscuit recipes using cacao at the Goodness Gracious Organic Cafe in Yandina. It’s very simple and very yummy!

This recipe makes about 14 medium cookies or about 30 button sized cookies and is gluten free and dairy free.

1 cup organic peanut butter (you can change this to other nut butters if you prefer)
1 cup organic coconut sugar (really tasty! but you can change this to dark brown sugar)
20ml raw cacao
10ml cinnamon (less or more to your taste)
1 organic egg

Mix all ingredients together in a bowl, then roll out to your desired thickness and size.
Place on a tray in 160° C oven, between 10 and 15 minutes and keep an eye on them as they can burn easily!
Take out of oven when tops are firm, allow to cool then eat!

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