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5 things your body would tell you if you were listening by Dr Dain Heer

Have you ever been in a relationship with someone who was in constant judgment of you? Or perhaps a friend who never really listens to what you are saying and ignores you? Not much fun, is it? This describes the way many of us function in our relationship with our body. Our body is always there, contributing to us, taking care of us, making sure we get where we need to go. And often times our response is ju ...

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Is it time for a Conscious Soul Evolution? by Raelene Byrne

Whenever I hear people say to anyone, “Oh, you just need to love yourself more”...I want to scream!!! What does that REALLY mean? Where do you begin? Through early developmental years when our mind is adjusting to human ways, our experience of love; the giving and receiving of it, is subjective. None of us has the same observations or experiences of love, which makes this whole ‘self-love’ gig an interestin ...

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Latest Teleconference

We are so pleased to announce that we are getting ready to put together a series of teleconferences. You can view the dates and costs on the right hand side of the web site and just click on the section and it will take you through to pay pal for easy payment. We will then email you more details about the Join Me system and booking details. It is so exciting to be able to bring this service to you. It is a ...

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