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Exploring home inside myself by Jenni Mears

For the last twenty years I have been on a journey home. It has been a journey inside myself to heal and release past trauma and wounds from my childhood and young life. I have longed to find a spiritual pathway home to the real me and it has been through studying and experiencing different energy healing modalities, mind therapies and Tantra embodiment practices that I have been able to find a deeper spiritual self.

To really heal, to heal from my inside out, I had to break long-held patterns and beliefs to create something new. This inner alchemy occurs when you engage with all of these healing elements to be woven together in ways that help develop true self-expression. It enables new behaviours that lead to greater awareness of self and open a deeper cultivation of self-love and self-care.

In the last ten years I have experienced an increased sense of who I am and how I connect with my divinity. My heart feels more open and expanded and I have increased my life-force energy through deepening my feminine essence through and activating sexual energy and flow in my body. Opening to my authentic sexual power as a woman has created fullness in my life deepening my ability to be vulnerable and live a fully expressed life both professionally and personally.

I have been working with private clients for twenty years and facilitating workshops for women for the last fifteen. This year I have felt ready to create and offer training for this healing modality to women who truly desire to live and express their full potential in the world; embracing loving energy and sexual energy deep at their core to connect with the greater mind that lives in the belly to transform every area of their life.

As a woman of a certain age it’s time to leave my legacy.

I’m ready to share my knowledge of the healing modalities, my wisdom and the processes that have healed and empowered many including myself.

The training can be taken purely as a powerful personal development and spiritual healing journey or it can offer the skills to become a catalyst for transformational change, empowering and healing others.

The process of alchemy transforms lead into gold.

Lead is heavy and stagnates. Gold is bright, shining and has a sense of flow. Inner Alchemy™ is a beautiful analogy for a life lived with passion, purpose, spirit, freedom and loving connection.

The first part of the nine-month training, the women will journey with their own self-healing to become their own powerhouse thriving and wholeheartedly alive. The second part of the training allows women to experience how to become a clear and open container to hold space for others healing.
There are lots of practices, with other participants, to really embody the healing skills to awaken your healing intuition—your inner alchemy—and ability to work with others. Each woman will walk away from the training with a very empowering box of healing tools and skills for self-empowerment.

To read and learn more of what the training contains and involves head over to or contact me at

In joy and inner alchemy,

Jenni Mears, Catalyst for feminine transformational change


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