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Love, Truth and Conscious Coupling by Raelene Byrne

Love, Truth and Conscious Coupling by Raelene Byrne

Over the last few years the words of consciousness, awareness, presence and ‘beingness’ have crept into conversations and life choices in all walks of life. The collective energy field is pulsing and offering a new way of living to all who hear the call.

One of the areas where change is rapidly required is in relationships. People are wanting deeper, richer connections, more meaningful conversations, walking through life with a partner who not only loves you, but brings the holy grail of the highly valued gifts of: responsibility, listening, vulnerability, trust and appreciation, while allowing space for the uniqueness of each person to be explored, discovered and revealed.

Any relationship with another is a direct reflection of a person’s own relationship with themselves. It reveals their unconditional love for self, or their lack of it.

A conscious relationship is a journey, not a destination. It is an aspect of your commitment to life by committing yourself to another person. When you engage in living life from a higher consciousness, everything changes and relationships have a chance of being what you desire them to be. What you put into yourself, will be shared with those you love.

Change is a result of answering conscious intelligence, which alters our frequency, and DNA. When I entered the sanctuary of Michael and Carolyn Roads, I crossed into an expanded energy field. The proverbial parting of the veils, the moving through a membrane, into a world reflecting their connection to earth, nature, plants and each other.

The genuine warm heart hug from Carolyn was indeed a preparation for the piercing, unwavering gaze of her husband Michael, who holds the space of absolute truth. In that instant, I saw how they worked effortlessly as a team, how a conscious relationship is a powerful way of living; the knower (Michael) and the knowing (Carolyn).

Michael and Carolyn are quite a rare couple. They dynamically walk their talk, travelling and offering their expertise through intensive courses all over the world. Their intensives take people into the place of knowing who they are by breaking through and breaking down their barriers. Participants can then ‘embrace emotional balance and clarity’ while understanding how life works. It is from this point of knowing self, that you can create rewarding, full relationships with others and life, while living consciously in the eternal moment.

Michael’s journey with enlightenment began as a dairy farmer in Tasmania.

One day he jumped onto his children’s homemade roundabout and set it spinning. As he spun around he wondered, “Where am I going? Where am I from?” And then came the universal question, the catalyst for all spiritual awakenings, “WHO AM I?”

This question, the beginning of conscious growth, the catalyst for change, is in the collective consciousness, the field of wisdom that permeates all of life. It arises for each of us, when the time is right. As Michael said, not enough people take action on the opportunity for change, on the invitation to consciously create, to open to the truth of self.

Bruce Lipton quotes that 94% of the world lives subconsciously, which means they are living without any real connection to themselves.

A few years after this universal question, Michael and his family left the farm to travel around Australia. His thirst for spiritual living and inner discovery, directed Michael to create a community based in NSW for those earnestly seeking to live a spiritual life. After a few years he realised I AM THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN CREATE MY DREAM, so he left the community to pursue his own spiritual quest.
Over the next few years, Michael spent time engaging nature on a metaphysical level and writing, ‘Talking with Nature’ which eventually became a best seller in the USA. During that time, he became ill and was spiralling downward in health.

As with many people, ill health took him to the edge, where there were two options available! Instead of dying, Michael said he became enlightened.

Michael gave a twist to the old saying: “Before enlightenment I chopped wood and carried water. After enlightenment, I chopped wood and carried water” by adding “… effortlessly” at the end.

“What does enlightenment mean to you?” I asked Michael. His answer, “The end of worry, ill-health, self-judgement, anxiety, and self-criticism.”

Twenty-six years ago Michael started to tour the world as a spiritual teacher.

At the time he was reluctant to carry that label. Carolyn was the event co-ordinator in the USA, and a friendship began. Both were married to their long-term partners and the four developed a good friendship that lasted for many years.

After the grieving process when Michael’s wife passed away in 2006, he reached a moment where he felt complete unconditional love within himself.

Carolyn’s long marriage had ended, so she and Michael reconnected as good friends until a spark of something more lead them to romance and marriage.

Carolyn said, “Between us we have over 100 years of being married, so we have had plenty of practise.”

When it comes to relationships, Michael said, “love is the power of creation, not an emotion.” Carolyn so eloquently suggested that unconditional love is a space within self; one of complete acceptance. Some days you will get it wrong, but accept that it is situational experience, and that is how it is in that moment. It is NOT defining your true self. “Life always gets it right,” is what Carolyn offered, so in her words, “stop trying to move away from yourself, stop seeing what is wrong and stop trying to fix it, just accept you, all of you, just as you are. When you can achieve that, you can then offer that to all relationships you experience.”

The ‘what you see is what you get’ attitude is an expression of living in truth, which this couple demonstrates constantly, whether sitting over a cuppa or in front of many hundreds of people, while teaching about the transformational process to raise the participants’ consciousness. They walk their talk, loving each other and themselves unconditionally.

Here are their suggestions to create or achieve more conscious relationships:

  1. See the newness in your partner each day
  2. Remember that only the newness in you can see the newness in others
  3. Enrich, inspire and enhance each other’s lives
  4. Let appreciation of each other replace criticism
  5. Laugh freely and don’t take yourself too seriously
  6. Support each other through the challenges of life
  7. Embrace your humanness as a path toward divinity
  8. Speak truth, have gratitude
  9. By honouring your partner, you honour yourself

Seeing your partner as a new person each day, is such a powerful starting point for many. Too often we see people as they were, and we can fall into the play of being who we used to be for others as a comfortable place, however it is NOT who we really are.

Finding that space of unconditional love in self allows transmutation, transcendence and transformation, and are the VERY things Michael and Carolyn offer at their five-day intensives.

Michael suggested that love is a rare experience, as most relationships are directed from the subconscious. True love is a fully conscious experience. Michael said most relationships are subconscious because people do not live consciously in the moment. The subconscious blocks us from unconditionally loving ourselves.

There is a clear certainty with his wisdom and how he shared it. There is a deep connection and relationship to conscious intelligence which has allowed him to address the United Nations in 2017 on the topic of, ‘You Are the World.’ Would love to have heard that one!!

Michael said there are two ways to live life; one way works (conscious) and one doesn’t (subconscious). With a number of published books, Michael has embraced the spiritual teacher label, and shares incredible truth and wisdom. Communication of the written and spoken word is Michael’s gift and passion. You can’t have passion without love, or love without passion, he said.

Both Carolyn and Michael operate from their right brain, being in flow, living from the heart, floating along with the strong undercurrent of trust; it’s their way of life.

Relationships are a personal journey, so if you want a great soul-filled and connected one, then you have to do all the inner work, understand how life works, who you are, and then you can stand in a place of fullness to share your journey with others.

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