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Good Health begins with Good Water by Peter Free

Good Health begins with Good Water by Peter Free

What does ‘good water’ mean to you?

I believe that good water is the key to my overall wellbeing.

Drinking an adequate amount of good water each day is vital to support healthy body functioning and body regulations.  Our body is primarily water, and water is found and required in every part of our body, right down to the ‘building blocks of life’, our cells.

Over the last 15 years, I have researched the quality of our tap water, bottled water, what determines good water and the importance of good quality water to your overall health.

I have come to the conclusion that good water is the first step to significantly reduce our chances of being inflicted by various diseases.  It’s also the first step to combat almost any disease and should be the first step of every healthy diet.

A lot of us seem to compare the water coming through our tap with that of third world countries, believing that our water is of high purity, when in fact our tap water is contaminated with chlorine, fluoride (some areas), parasites, algae, heavy metals, agricultural chemicals, industrial waste, dirt, rust, and it smells and tastes bad.

To protect our family from these contaminants in our water, I found that the only cost effective solutions was to purify our tap water.

My passion for supplying good water extended beyound myself and my family.  I discovered an urge within me to share my knowledge and edeucate others about the improtance of good water, the huge difference it will make to your overall health and wellbeing, from head to toe – inside to out, regardless of our age, fitness level and health status.

Just over 10 years ago, I set out to fulfil my urge and passion; I started ‘Pure Drop Water Purifiers’.  I have been fiedling quesstions and discussing the issues with our water with thousands of people at home shows, markets etc, over the phone and via email. To date, it still surprises me how many people don’t think about water quality when considering their overall health and wellbeing.

I encourage people to do their own research on water quality, because it does vary from one area to the next and come from different sources.  For example, tank water can present some different probelems which are more likely to include parasites, bacteria and viruses.

I believe that a water purifier is the most important health care product available adn it should be promoted more as a preventative for illness and essentail aid for sustaining good health.

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