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How to let go of possession obsession by Jillian Exton

How to let go of possession obsession by Jillian Exton

We live in a world where our focus on convenience and our lack of knowledge or control over the ingredients in our everyday products and services, are impacting our health on many levels. We are overwhelmed by consumerism where we buy all things pre-packaged, pre-assembled and mass-produced; that have a life span of a nano-second; then we repeat this cycle.

It is so pleasing to see a movement towards ‘back to basics’ where families are re-evaluating aspects of their lives in terms of what they need, versus what they want, taking back control of what they put IN, ON and AROUND them.

And there are a variety of benefits:

Empowerment – you take accountability for you and your family’s health. Fulfilment – you become proactive in providing a safer environment. Accomplishment – you develop more skills in living sustainably. Connection – you and your family become more mindful of your environment, what you are using and making the planet a healthier place. Richness – you exit the consumer mentality and save money. Health – you minimise your body’s toxic burden.

We may even witness some changes including: reduced reliance on supermarket shopping and starting a veggie garden, reusing and recycling rather than buying new, dinner out may be on a blanket under the stars, and instead of a luxury holiday, we may end up camping.

We don’t have to be a fire-twirling hippy to choose voluntary simplicity over possession obsession. And there are no rules dictating that it’s an all or nothing transition. We can pick and choose the aspects we want to deconstruct in our life.

Getting back to the basics of life is relatively easy. We can choose from: cooking our own meals; getting creative with our gifting; making or mending our own clothes; choosing organic alternatives; growing our own fruit and vegetables; or even making our own edible, personal and home products.

Here are a few businesses on the Chemical Free Community Directory:

Green Living Australia provides education, kits and equipment for any dietary requirements and a range of natural body products. They support a growing community to produce their own yoghurts, artisan cheeses, breads, kimchi, sauerkraut, natural pickles, kefir, kombucha and sugar-free home preserving.

The Clean Living Clinic provides chemical free lifestyle education, ingredients and DIY solutions. With less than five ingredients and in less than five minutes, you can create effective products for your home and personal care, including: hair spray, ironing aid, vapor rubs and so much more.

Living simply and stripping our lives and homes back to what is important and eliminating what is superfluous, is not about going backwards. It’s about living holistically and mindfully with purpose that benefits both our health and the planet. It is realising that enough really is enough.

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