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Is it time for a Conscious Soul Evolution? by Raelene Byrne

Is it time for a Conscious Soul Evolution? by Raelene Byrne

Whenever I hear people say to anyone, “Oh, you just need to love yourself more”…I want to scream!!! What does that REALLY mean? Where do you begin?

Through early developmental years when our mind is adjusting to human ways, our experience of love; the giving and receiving of it, is subjective. None of us has the same observations or experiences of love, which makes this whole ‘self-love’ gig an interesting ride. It is personal, it is remembering, it is connecting to our inner knowing.

As the human aspect grows and starts to believe it is flawed, we learn to hide, we conform, we diminish aspects of self and we forget. Some people have remarkable early family lives rich with love, support and affection, whereas others have experiences where people who are supposed to love them have done horrendous things to them. You can see how two people will have a different approach to self-love. So when life gets messy and we are told to love ourselves more? The question arises, what does that mean to me?, How do I achieve that?, And where do I begin?

Massages, days at a spa, facials, or time out are not real lasting self-love, they are self-care and self-nourishing actions we take while searching for relaxation, balance and rejuvenation, (which is a tiny aspect of the self-love “revolution”).

What if this self-love ‘revolution’ is actually, “the soul connection evolution”, a time in our human growth where we HAVE to bring acceptance for self by listening to the soul, to create a global shift for vibrational change?

For me, after years of learning, educating and working with clients, self-love is a call of action to remember the sovereignty of our soul, the knowing of the true inner being of wonder, creation and power that patiently lies dormant beneath all the layers of humanness.

It is more than loving the physicality of you, it is truly about the remembering of the purpose your soul is here for, the ownership of that, then the ability to live it. Once you totally understand that, you realise there is no way anyone can compete with you, at being you. There is a moment of soul realisation, I am unique and so is everybody else.

“Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!”  Dr Seuss

I have recognised 8 fundamental elements in people who own self-love, there is an air or aura of magic that emanates confidence, charisma, magnetism, an energy that calls you towards their sphere of life and their words. There is a mesmerising quality when a person resides in that state of being.

Self-awareness, wisdom, self-responsibility, trust, self-nurture, self-belief, self-value, self-respect are fundamental elements which contribute to a whole self-love knowing, being and evolution of soul.

How we treat our self, how we want to be treated, is mastered when these eight elements are combined, working together to offer a destination of self-love or sovereignty. This is how the collective consciousness shifts. Each person being the expression of self-love and bringing that to daily life, does indeed effect the world around us.

When each of us arrived on planet earth, we already own the knowing of our eternal and infinite spark of divinity, the soul, which I feel holds the knowing of love absolute. Our role as humans is to bring it to everyday life through all that we are.

The striving for perfection drops away, and the flow towards grace appears. Self-love is the conscious evolution of the soul.

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