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Local Review of Raw and Peace Cafe

Make Raw not War- This is Living!

It was a beautiful sunny morning when I took a trip to Maleny to have a ‘raw experience’ at the new cafe called ‘Raw and Peace’ in Coral St. The sunny deck nestled in the leafy Hinterlands was very inviting as were the delicious treats in the cabinet when I first arrived!

Damion and Ames the creators/owners greeted me with a big smile and were excited to share their passion for raw cuisine.  Damion served me a raw, cold pressed organic coffee made on nut milk which was a great way to kick start the morning (I don’t usually drink coffee but this was quite different and a more wholesome way of having this beverage).  Then Ames whipped up some magic in the kitchen and before I knew it she had plated up waffles, with a dollop of cream, strawberries and a touch of maple syrup (All Raw!!)

While I was taking in the surroundings and enjoying my breakfast, I was also able to try the much touted Buchi Kombucha drink which is new to Australia (and created by Jason Lantz).  Ames and Damion said they serve and drink a lot of this organic, living, probiotic sparkling drink themselves, as it can facilitate digestion which is great support when consuming a lot of raw food.

Ames is no stranger to living food and creative cooking (she was previously a traditional cook) and has also used raw foods for her healing journey over the years.  Ames is well known after having a regular presence at Northey St Markets in Brisbane but this year it was time for a tree change and a great opportunity to bring her raw cafe dream into fruition. She says it brings her great joy ‘uncooking for people’ and looking at traditional cooked recipes (that are the big favourites) and then creating a raw version of them that takes them by surprise!

Raw and Peace offers a gluten free, raw, vegan and organic menu for breakfast and lunch and savoury and sugar free morning and afternoon tea delights. This is a great find if you have food allergies and are doing a little spring cleaning/detoxing or it’s great even if you just want to tantalise your taste buds in a totally nutritious way! Raw and Peace is open Wed- Sunday, 10am-3pm.

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