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So Many Great Teachers! by Vanessa Finnigan

Since my mid 20’s I have met so many amazing people teaching in the areas of: natural medicine, herbal detox, spirituality, energy work, body work, emotional healing, food, art and so many more who have been such an inspiration to me! Each one seemed to come along at the perfect time, with an inspiring message. I am still fascinated by the different people I meet and continue to receive so much from these connections.
This is part of why I started writing about holistic well-being and went on to create a magazine… I could see the benefits of including a wide variety of approaches and I am delighted this has created a forum where so many people can share their unique messages, express themselves and inspire others through the use of words, stories, metaphors and images with a vehicle like a magazine.

Even when I was studying and practising psychology, I often wondered how the different methods and streams could all be honoured and included and so I was always interested in an eclectic approach as it made sense to me to know about a wide range of tools to have in your tool kit to engage a variety of people, at different times and in different ways. This is true also for the creation of Holistic Bliss.

Yes there have been times where I have felt a really strong pull to choose one particularly modality or ‘way’ and just stick with that forever. In many ways I dreamed of being able to do this as I thought it would make things so much easier and I would feel a part of a close group with common ground. But, it has never worked out that way for me….maybe I just see the value in a variety of approaches and see how they can be a part of your life at different times. And each to his/her own, as it’s all about what works best and that’s very personal.

As I was reflecting on all this, the energy shifted and I started to cry and I realised not only is Holistic Bliss my greatest teacher (along with my own guidance), as it’s a never ending creation, there is also a closeness and togetherness that is being created with everyone connected with the magazine and the wider community as we honour our differences and multitude of approaches…

There is total freedom to choose to have a session, do a course or workshop too and support and nurture myself to grow and actually it’s not even about ‘learning and growing’ anymore…it’s remembering the essence of who I be and when I am in the flow and things are total ease and grace, it’s when I am vibrating ‘True-Van- Ness! True-Ness!!

So I’m off to watch the sunset and look forward to sharing more of my insights again soon x

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