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Spring cleaning your inner life by MURRAY BALL

Spring cleaning your inner life by MURRAY BALL

Information revealed during a ‘Holographic Kinetics’ healing session truly proves what really exists in the invisible world. Clients may have a belief system that we are all alone in this world and yet, when their healing session has finished, they know that their eyes have been opened by their own spirit, no-one else’s. Their own part in their past is revealed.

One of my clients was seeking help for a recurring dream involving torturing and killing someone. It was becoming more vivid, disturbing sleep and everyday life, and the client was reluctant to go to bed and sleep and rest.

Upon entering the spirit healing session and moving into a past life, the client’s spirit revealed the dream was actually a replay of the client being tortured and killed. Seeing the energy interference in the perpetrator, the client was initially in disbelief at what they saw, and why it was being done. The actual energy interference entered into the client’s field and was coming through the life cycles with the spirit, tormenting the client with behaviour problems and relationship issues.

When we are extracting a negative energy interference, all our clients experience the same feeling: they feel it within their body and hear what it says. They all feel relieved and lighter once it has been removed for good.

For the dreaming client, we were able to clear all the trauma and negative energy that had been locked in, resulting in peaceful sleep and calmness… with an ongoing positive ripple throughout their daily life.

Another recent client was extremely racist and righteous in their gender role, and was shaken awake on seeing that in a past life they were indeed a little African girl, raped and killed.

The reality is that we are all truly the same, regardless of skin colour, gender or beliefs.

Our own spirit has the keys to explain what is happening with our dreams, and with our life. Our own spirit wants to run our life, our reactions and emotions.

To further empower humanity, we teach our clients how to connect to and work with their own spirit, to live a truer life. Then we teach them how to do their own inner housekeeping, so that they can manage themselves and their lives far better on a daily basis.

That gives our clients peace. They don’t need to keep coming back to be treated for the same thing over and over again. They are healed and move on with the tools to continue exploring themselves. As new layers are revealed, they return to us for that specific work, then step out into their world, stronger again.

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