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The simplicity and potency of care and support

The simplicity and potency of care and support

Positive Life Store is delighted to introduce our ‘Cancer Support Program’ which offers free Reiki treatments in store every Thursday to people who have cancer. Treatments are conducted by enthusiastic Reiki practitioners who have been thoroughly trained by Chrissy Cush, Reiki Master and teacher here at the store.

Chrissy is highly experienced in her fields of expertise and has previously worked with a non-profit healthcare organisation called SolarisCare, located in Perth, Western Australia. SolarisCare is strongly dedicated to offering quality resources, services and support for cancer patients and families. Chrissy was able to contribute by volunteering free Reiki treatments to patients within Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital all thanks to SolarisCare.

With great insight into a modern medical field and like-minded visionaries who promote overall wellbeing, Chrissy assumed when she relocated to Brisbane that there would be opportunities to approach other organisations like SolarisCare and hospitals to volunteer treatments on a regular basis. Unfortunately this wasn’t the case.

“I was disheartened to learn that there were no such programs in Brisbane like SolarisCare offering free treatments, so whilst discussing the topic with my students and seeing their tenacity and enthusiasm to get involved, we decided then and there to form our own program,” said Chrissy.

Reiki has been shown to reduce stress, with many relaxation benefits in conjunction with orthodox medicine. It is a ‘hands-on’, non-invasive healing technique which will also boost the immune system to function at its optimum level.
We believe in improving the quality of life with an holistic approach and positive attitude.

Positive Life Store is dedicated and committed to providing support for those suffering the emotional and physical effects from cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery – and the natural therapies are offered with genuine compassion and care.
Positive Life Store was first established in 1994. Over the years it has become well known for offering natural therapies, new age and natural health care products.

481 Old Cleveland Road, Camp Hill, Brisbane.

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