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Tuning the body to bliss by Shelley Munn

Tuning the body to bliss by Shelley Munn

I sat in the stillness of my newfound resonance, and felt my heart expand until tears rolled down my cheeks. I knew I was feeling my own true resonance that Shelley Munn was guiding me to experience this day.

Earlier, I had been sceptical about this one-day workshop. However, surprisingly I learnt my illness came from a family curse through my genetic and ancestral line, apparently common, and a traumatic experience from childhood; a medical operation and long-term poor digestion, amongst other things. These were all discords of influence affecting my body, resonating to the wrong frequency, like my cells playing out-of-tune.

I also learnt my soul was under a spell of commercialisation, and karmic binds were infecting my choices, causing blocks in my financial situation and attracting limitation into my life around money and relationships.

Through the intuitive testing I learnt on the day, I knew how to locate the percentage of my cellular blocks of spells, curses and discords. I could also measure the changes after applying my own unique harmony resonance (tri-tone) through the workshop’s correctional exercises.

During the unique tri-tone chanting resonant corrections, I felt the sensation of my whole body vibrating and expanding. I felt the molecules of my body pull apart and dance in the space, and my reality shifted. Shelley stated this shift is what creates the healing-space for access to a portal of intuitive-knowing, the timeless realm of influence.

Was I in a Tibetan monastery, experiencing divine awakening? I could have been, but I knew I was in Brisbane Bayside, smelling the salt water of the nearby ocean.

Even though everyone’s chants were different, our sounds harmonised. The resonance we created felt amazing as space expanded, time seemed to dissolve and my body felt formless, free and relaxed. Shelley also highlighted that this is the essence of the healing process.

We then moved into the heart-resonant exercise and, wow, I caught a glimpse of my own angelic self. I felt so loved beyond what I have ever felt before. At that moment, I intuitively knew this process was beyond conventional forms of healing.

Through this resonant intonation, I felt deep, heart-impressions of intuitive insight about my own health and that of my daughter’s, and knew how to handle the situation with her health issues. I was reeling with gratitude.

Now I knew I could do these harmony resonance correctional exercises for myself with great effect.

I felt my body as an orchestra of cellular-resonance, and I’m now the conductor of my life.

I’m learning to direct these cellular musicians to play harmoniously, dissolving issues, and attracting harmonious life experiences. The impossible has become possible.

Shelley Munn teaches monthly workshops and private tuition on high resonant cellular healing. For more info email:

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