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What Sings to Your Being in 2015?

This year we celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve and it had a totally different energy to it. We had a beautiful dinner, remembered loved ones who had passed and also appreciated each other more than ever before. It didn’t have the same pressured feeling about it like previous years. We also had lunch on Boxing Day with my step son this year as he chose to work on Xmas day to support a disadvantaged family.

When I reflect on it, so many other people I’ve spoken with also created their own celebration in their own unique way and some gathered a week or so before Christmas day.

Now as we are heading in to the New Year, another tradition is to start setting those New Year’s resolutions (NYR). I personally don’t do NYR’s anymore and also don’t dwell on what ‘my purpose’ is for the new year. These things create a rigid expectation that often leads to my body going into some kind of ‘lock up’ or tension and I find it is the opposite of what assists with the energy of creation and expansion. Instead I have been asking what sings to my being for 2015?

It feels really light for me to start some new things right now like painting, writing and going to some modern dance and singing groups from time to time. I know I have started to have thoughts running through my head such as, “how can I run a business and still do these new things next year?” I know now that if I continue to stay in the question and tune in to my body, then all will be revealed moment by moment. These extra activities may contribute to me, my work, my family and everything else. For me, it is all about trusting and not making any conclusions about how things will be for 2015. I feel really excited about expanding the magazine further afield and that feels like a target to work towards (and it may change many, many times) rather than a pressure I put on myself that kills the energy of flow and grow.

What Sings to Your Being in 2015? Happy creating everyone and see you in 2015!!

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