2012- A Year of Opportunity By Soraya

2012 – A Year of Opportunity

Published December 15, 2012 | By Soraya

As 2012 comes to an end I reflect over this year. One that had been anticipated as a transformational year has indeed offered many opportunities for us all to ‘Know Thyself’.

Soul Purpose Mastery

Soul Purpose Mastery is Living Love.

We have been squeezed and tested in many different ways, through life’s circumstances, gently nudging or perhaps blatantly forcing us to face important life questions such as; What is really important to us? What is our purpose here?  What gifts would we like to share and express in our communities? What is getting in the way of us walking our talk with authenticity and clarity. How can I open my heart and love life?

I have seen many dear friends and clients experience wonderful recognitions, and Aha experiences, and I myself feel more at peace than ever before. I am reflecting here on what can get in the way of this peace that is ever available to us all. We have been encouraged to join the dance of life in a more joyful way.

We are all in the same boat here, and there is a beautiful world here waiting to be truly seen and experienced by all of us. But what gets in the way……?

Energy Body

I often have thought of this planet as a giant Mental Asylum where we are all doing time each wrapped in our own Mental Illusory Creation; all in various stages of Insanity, all desperately wanting to graduate and return to a sense of Oneness.  Strangely what seems generally termed ‘Sanity’ by the present status quo seems anything but. We only need to look at the world news to see what they deem important enough to share with the world.

We have been taught to soldier on stiff upper lip, toughen up and generally deny every signal our body is giving us to come into a greater space of living loving and compassionate lives, sensitive to our own needs and promptings and also people and the environment around us. Some of us have closed down as a result of pain or hurt.

What we are really being called back to is a sense of Oneness that is Love itself.  A Love beyond like and dislike, romance and sex, possessing or rejecting, a love that melts away any sense of separation, judgement or violence. Where we realise your joy is my joy, your pain is my pain because I am you and you are me.

I really feel here on planet earth we do live in an illusory world or as the ancient Yogis say, we are living in the Great Maya – the great illusion. In this Maya we can and do create our own experience, and that can be anything we wish to manifest. We are the artist of our own portrait.

However, we seem to think or have done at some stage that life is all happening to us and that we are victims of fate without a say. This of course is the trap, in our obsession with victim-hood we feel safe to a certain degree, justified in our madness, we can point the finger outward and blame others, the politicians, our teachers, our partners, our parents the system on everything and thus avoid facing the jolting truth that WE have actually created our own reality!

Our attachment to our personal stories, dramas and fears keep us trapped in a loop. which in turn limits us from living a free and beautiful life.

But… but …but… the mind says, in re-action to this statement. I did not.

We live in a subtle world of vibrations, energy, prana, chi, lifeforce. Thoughts, beliefs, patterns, fears, inner responses and reactions ripple out as powerfully as words, actions and re-actions, just as radio waves reach our transmitters and are transformed into music.  Our vibrations attract or repel people, experiences and opportunities, abundance, love and pain to or from our lives.

We are creating our world through our own vibration based on our own beliefs, stories. desires, phobias and fears. Trouble is we have often lost touch with ourselves or we have deep buried emotions we have denied for so long we no longer recognize they are affecting our present circumstances.

Our minds are clouded with fear, make-believe and karma from past and present false concepts. We have not realized we are the dreamer creating our own dream with every thought, word and action, by our buried anger, fear and un-forgiveness.

What are your stories, beliefs and fears creating for you?

A quote by one of the most forward thinking minds and author of ‘Think & Grow Rich’, Napoleon Hill springs to mind.

“Whatever man can conceive and believe he can achieve”.

We are given such a gift in this earth born experience, or school, we can create anything we wish, we do have the magic wishing tree, we may not realize it though, for we have not harnessed the power of this gift.

If we desire to be free, if we desire to be loving, compassionate people contributing in a positive way we can achieve this also. With courage, will and desire we are powerful manifestors.

What if we created and vibrated clearly what is – raw nature?  Without colouring it with our own fear based mind stuff. Like a little child discovering her world for the first time with fresh untainted innocent and curious eyes.

PERHAPS, if we could simply respond to the moment – Being –we could be Free.

What if with this pure essence we created a world of Love, Peace, A Golden Age.

This is possible, if more of us decide to make a difference, if enough people set themselves free, and with loving intent express their unique gifts with the world, in their own unique and special way.

Just as music can arouse within us feelings and responses, emotions and can move us to great or terrible things, so silent joy/love/thoughts/beliefs/stories/inner-critic/attachment waves also form unseen ripples that vibrate out and create the matrix of our lives. This can be so deeply loving and  rewarding or torturous.

So how to release the chains that shackle and live our Soul Purpose of Love expressing our own individual uniqueness out to the world.

Then we would be truly contributing to a Wave of Love Across the Planet.

Join us for Soul Purpose Mastery, an exploration into being free to Be.

Let us gently release the barriers between us and be free together.

The day after I wrote this blog a terrible killing of innocent children and teachers in a school has occurred in America. So I offer this.

Call For Peace

Pray for Peace

As 2012 comes to an end and I pray for peace in my heart and the heart of all I feel sad today – I feel the weight of the Grief of all those families that have lost their children, sisters, brothers, parents and loved ones. I pray they can express their grief well as grief is hard but so important. I know this from the loss of my own child. I pray also that in time they will heal and forgive and move on with their lives with peace. I pray for the politicians not to give way to allowing gun laws to remain. One gun with lead to violence More Guns will lead to More Violence. I pray for the boy who lost his mind and gave way his inner madness, may his soul find peace. 
Let Our Prayers and Wishes for Peace be more powerful than guns. Prayer is powerful – Meditation on Peace is Powerful. You are powerful – join the world peace leaders in your heart and we can make a profound difference as a wave of love, compassion and prayer flows across the lands.

As we near the end of the Mayan Calendar let us renew our commitment to adding to universal love not hate. 
Let us pray for all the world leaders each day now – that they find strength in their hearts to be warriors for peace and love and not give way to war and violence. May their tongues and and minds be guided by love and compassion for all people beyond boarders and boundaries of race, heritage, religion and colour. LOKAH SAMASTAH SUKHINO BHAVANTHU…May peace prevail    
We will have an event here on 21-12-12 please join us for a Havan or fire ceremony and meditation calling for Peace



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