2020’s Message on Being Present by Tonia Reeves

2020’s message on being present and a couple of ideas I implemented that helped me

2020 being the year of challenges for many, myself included, has been a powerful reminder to be more present. Mainly due to being forced to have this experience that is out of our hands. I do not think I’m on my own in feeling that I wanted to and was intuitively drawn to going back to basics in areas of my life.

For example; being at home and not travelling as often has helped me clear out more rooms in my house than I thought possible. Just the simplicity of this has made a world of difference in how I now feel in this space. The house appears cleaner, as well as easier to maintain without all the extra dust collectors. You know, all the things we tend to fill up the top every free surface with.
The sculpture I just had to have (what was I thinking!), the forty third candle holder I bought just because, that handy item I’ve been hoarding for six years to use on a rainy day and hasn’t been touched. I’ve always admired those that live minimally. I just never thought it could be possible for me to do. Do not get me wrong I still like my home to look lived in and not like a display home. The dust from the farm is a testament to that.

Another reminder was catching up with family that live in our area of regional Victoria. Seeing each other again after all these months, experiencing that joy and really appreciating it. Our eldest granddaughter came to visit and we all went down to the mini waterfall on our property. The waterfall was running water and mainly reserved to winter. The other family members went back to the house and our granddaughter asked me to stay longer with her, which I did.

She then proceeded to take her boots off and splash in the pools of water. She had a ball! After a bit she asked me to take my boots off and do the same which of course I obliged. Mind you my feet where no where near as hardened against the rocks as hers and stepping on the rocky floor of the pools was rather painful, but the joy in her eyes when I joined in made it all worthwhile.

Now we had a ball, the inner child in me came out and we ended up with mud and water all over and it was the best fun. I was totally present and truly felt alive. It was after this I realised how long it had been for me to go back to childlike fun and let go of the worries of life.

So, I’m encouraging you if you relate to these ideas please add them to your to-do list. I guarantee they both will enhance your life hugely just like they did mine. Its often the little things that have the biggest impact don’t you think?

Tonia Reeves
Australia’s Cowgirl Medium

Phone: 0419131714

Tonia Reeves

Tonia Reeves is Australia’s Psychic Medium Cowgirl, based in Victoria and reaching people overseas through her consults and her segments on a number of radio shows in Australia and overseas.

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