The amazing Queensland entrepreneur- Sue Joseph

Connection To All Things Great and Small    By Sue Joseph

This planet we live on never ceases to show us so much power. One of those powers is the beauty of connection – to meet up with those that are part of the journey. Each moment I see this, whether it is in the reflection of something that was or whether it is in the moment. Sometimes you wonder, why or how did I meet this person – sometimes over time the relationship that forms tells its own story and sometimes in these stories we find our answers. Connection I find doesn’t always come from the connecting of others, sometimes I find it in the craft that you practice – you can look back on the different jobs you have had and you again realise the power of this planet to take you where you are to go and what you are to do – again this can be over many years until the story truly comes out. Separation and division of all, is one of the most common causes of pain that we see every day – I oft en look for ways to help people see that we are all connected. Some of us find this a strange concept but that is all the more reasoning for me to do my very best by nature to help people see that we are all the same. A feeling of oneness –no more room to fear and doubt – to just love – to just be – to enjoy a life full of love and energy.

I say to my eight year old – before we speak, I would like us to all feel, is it necessary, is it nice, is it kind – sometimes just those words will change how you connect with another on the planet. Love is the strongest force and through this, we will take our journey to the source.

I watch sometimes – the human form and I see manipulation, separation and division. But I also see in these moments it is only truth and love that is missing and I hang on to the hope that if I do not question why this person is in my life, (no judgement on the why), I will be able to help this person get through their fear and in that moment they will connect with the source. The old saying ‘the truth will set you free’ is very true – whoever we connect with, whether it feels right or wrong, good or bad, do not judge the connection, let the story begin and all will be shown to us. It always makes me look at what and who I am and what part I play in this separation and this always leads me to go through my life and become clearer and in doing this I feel the connection to the why.

Sue Joseph is an amazing Queensland entrepreneur. She is the owner of Bassett Barks and she has recently transformed the Old Rustic Cabin into the beautiful restaurant now called ‘Daisy’s Place’. This restaurant is a breath of fresh air and the outdoor water scape feature is unique and magical. A true gift to the Sunshine Coast in every way!


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