I met and interviewed Gary Douglas and Dain Heer about a year ago and was able to experience their transformational classes. My life has changed and flourished since writing this article below and continues to on every level.

Accessing Abundance By Vanessa Finnigan

It was a windy, rainy night, as I drove to Peregian Beach to meet internationally renowned facilitators Gary Douglas and Dr Dain Heer for the first time. I was aware of the sound of rain falling on the roof of my car being in symphony with the rattles and groans my car was making on the drive up…mmm what’s the theme for this month again? Oh yeah- abundance….Was the universe trying to tell me something?

How many of us have an area (or many areas) of our lives where we don’t feel abundant? I know there were times in the past where I thought living a life of consciousness was about being ‘desire and attachment free’ with plenty of self-sacrifice.

After meeting Gary who is the founder of ‘Access Consciousness’ (a worldwide energy transformation modality) and his co facilitator Dain , it hit home to me on a deeper level that everything is energy, and abundance is a very subjective experience… but we need to be willing to be in the flow of receiving and ‘gifting’ and be who we really are.

So why is it hard to be our true, infinite selves? Gary says we’re often trained and ‘entrained’ from when we are kids to give up our point of view in favour of somebody else’s. We shut down our own awareness and knowing in order to ‘fit in’. Dain says “We’ve been taught to judge ourselves from day one. Judge first and never ask questions after that.”

Gary and Dain believe, ‘consciousness includes everything and judges nothing’ and asking questions is a potent and liberating tool. While they are not aligned with any religious teaching, they say the bible states ‘ask and you shall receive’. Sounds simple…..So a typical ‘Access Consciousness’ question might be: ‘What else can I create from here?’ or ‘What else is possible?’ which can be asked when things feel stuck or even when things are going ‘well’.

Gary says, “The reason for asking a question is to have awareness not answers. Then you give up that place where you try to come to a conclusion to determine if you’re right or wrong with the answer you got.” He comments that awareness grows with time…. and the energy around an issue shifts and opens the doors to new ways and possibilities. Dain says, “your world changes all of a sudden, and things ‘show up easier’. It’s more fun to be alive and you feel like you are riding the wave instead of being dumped by it.”

‘Access Consciousness’ imparts practical tools to change what’s not working without the ‘aura fluffing’. The pragmatic tools claim to help people step out of the judgements and be bold enough to stop making all their quirks ‘wrong’. So what happens if life isn’t going very smoothly? They say you can make a demand that things change and or ask a question. It also requires an ability to let go of the limiting beliefs and take action when required. Dain and Gary say ‘how’ things actually show up is the Universe’s domain.

Like anything, it’s important to try the tools out and see how they work for you.

Dain says he was part of many ‘self- improvement groups’ in the past but Gary is the only one he’s worked with that ‘hasn’t cut his knees out from under him to prove he was greater than him’. He says Gary always empowers people and there is no ‘Access centre’ or head office, no guru who has all the answers.

Money too tight to mention? What if money wasn’t the problem?

Over the last few years we have been reminded continuously of the global financial crisis and for many this has led to fear and over cautiousness around money. Dain says we take on the thoughts, feelings and opinions of those around us all the time, when they are not actually true for ourselves. When we worry about not ‘having enough’ or ‘losing it all’ this creates a constriction and stops the flow of energy and usually the flow of money.

Gary also says every word has an energy attached to it. In the world of money and abundance often people talk about ‘manifesting’ wealth (interestingly manifest means ‘how it shows up’ not that it actually shows up- so Gary believes it’s important to be ‘actualising’ money to bring it into existence). Gary asks: What if having greater possibilities in your life has nothing to do with manifesting? If you lived life from a celebration and not from obligation and a ‘to do’ list…what would you chose? What if you died tomorrow… would you have said all the things you needed to say? Have you lived your life with joy? If we are infinite beings shouldn’t there be infinite possibilities for what we can do? Would an infinite being not have money?

At the same time Gary and Dain say they have experienced great wealth in their lives but admit it didn’t buy them happiness. They both feel a sense of personal meaning comes from expressing your ‘You-ness’ in the world and helping others to do the same. “When you see people come out of the judgements of themselves it’s a gift and it’s way more rewarding than money,” says Gary.

They shared so many stories of transformation; people who had changed their lives emotionally, physically, financially and energetically which blew me away, as did their effervescence… especially at that time of the night and after conducting a full schedule of workshops all week.

They were also very generous with their time, in fact the time just flew, (I didn’t think too much about the ‘right’ questions to ask, it just flowed) and at times, I felt like I was being entertained by two stand-up comedians! Gary says the key is to not take life too seriously and he believes laughter is both expansive and restorative. They say just by you being you- you can change the world!

“The logo of Access Consciousness is the dandelion which grows anywhere and if you blow the seed apart it will go anywhere and seed itself and grow even more.” Gary says this analogy is true for them as they never know where the work is going to take them or how it’s going to evolve.

About Gary Douglas and Dr Dain Heer:
Gary Douglas developed Access Consciousness about 20 years ago in the U.S and introduced Dain (who had previously been working in the States as a chiropractor) to the Access tools about 12 years ago. Prior to discovering Access, Dain had reached a point of absolute despair and made a pact that if his life didn’t improve in 6 months, he didn’t want to be alive. Then the universe stepped in…..He had a session with an Access Consciousness Facilitator (called a Bars session) which completely changed his life. Eventually he went on to become a facilitator and he developed his own Energetic Synthesis of Being classes and as a result thousands of people’s lives have been transformed. Access Consciousness has expanded quickly to over 30 countries, with hundreds of Access facilitators all around the world who work with individuals and businesses from diverse backgrounds.

“We have come to so-many conclusions about what is right. Every conclusion or fixed point-of-view we take, creates a limitation we cannot overcome. In Access Consciousness, we start-out trying to teach you to ask a question. We would like you to-get-to the capacity to be a question. When you are being a question nothing controls you. Every answer or fixed point-of-view you have controls you. When you are being a question, all of the information you receive creates a desire for change and possibility.” Gary Douglas

Gary and Dain will be offering talks on: ‘Happiness is just a choice’ in Qld on the 29th November and ‘Being you, changing the world’ on the 2nd Dec. For more info go to www.happinessisjustachoice.com


Vanessa Finnigan is the founder, editor and publisher of Holistic Bliss.
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