5 Tips To Improving Your Relationship With Money by Abbey Rose

With all the uncertainty in the world right now, people are worried. There is a lot of uncertainty in the air – people are losing their jobs, their security and their money. My heart aches for all that is affected right now. 

It is always my intention to help you feel empowered around your finances so here I have given you 5 tips that you can utilise to help you create a holistically healthy relationship with your money.

There is something to be said about having trust in the Divine Plan. And making sure that you are open to receiving money, even in the most unexpected ways. For me, during a time of great struggle, I opened myself to feeling more supported by the YOUniverse and miracles happened daily. Everyday I worked on my relationship to my past, present and future money. And I was always supported. In a time that I couldn’t work, I received in ways that I had never before. And it’s because I took this holistic approach that I found my way. I hope with these tips, you can find a way too. 

  1. Physical Wellbeing

You want to be able to physically experience your money. Using cards all the time, tapping and running while it feels convenient, there is something missing in the value of it. So my suggestion here is to set yourself a weekly spending amount, and withdraw the cash to use it. Put the money into your wallet and send it appreciation. Feeling your money in the physical adds a lot of value. 

  1. Mental Wellbeing 

We sometimes need to watch our thoughts around money. If you think you’re poor, you will attract a life of poverty. In times of struggle, I have used this little affirmation that helped me switch it up. 

“(Higher Power- God’s, Spirit’s, Angel’s) wealth flows to me in avalanches of abundance. All my needs and desires are met instantaneously. I am one with (Higher Power), (Higher Power) in everything.’

  1. Spiritual Wellbeing

It’s time to feel the energy of your abundance! Meditate and travel to your future abundant self. How does your future money want you to behave? How does it want you to act around your money right now? Feel the energy of this abundance coming back with you into the here and now. 

  1. Emotional Wellbeing

Learn to pivot your emotions surrounding money into joy. Write out how you feel when you have received what you want and speak of it as if it has already happened. E.g. – it is now Jan 2022 and I have successfully made $1,000,000, bought a house and paid off my debt. How do these achievements affect you emotionally? Consider it done, because it is. Don’t project that feeling into the future because that’s when it will happen, in the future. You need to embody it now. 

  1. Relationship To Self And Others 

Think of every cent in your bank account being a child and speak to them with love. How would you speak to your child? How would you cultivate that relationship with your money? Say hello to them when they come home, say goodbye to them when they leave, tuck them into bed at night. Nurture that relationship lovingly.

For more on healing your relationship with money you can take my Financial Archetype Quiz 


Abbey Rose

Abbey Rose, The Spiritual Accountant, is here to help you create, manage and protect your wealth. With over 15 years in the finance sector, Abbey brings cutting edge business and financial wisdom that mixes the worlds of strategy and intuition helping you create financial sovereignty.

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