5 Video Marketing Trends for 2021 by Melissa Groom

All of us in 2020 really had to rethink how we are going to do business and for those of us who were running face to face workshops and events, we have had to learn the technology in a hurry to be able to keep our business running. 

No.1 Trend 

Virtual Trainings – Online workshops and Masterclasses. You  should be creating your Signature Masterclass for your expertise. You can have multiple workshops and masterclasses. 

No.2 Trend 

Live  Q& A Videos

Consistently ask your audience what they want to learn so you can then invite them to engage with you on their live. Offer giveaways to entice people to come and watch you live or watch the replay. Connect with @veronica mcdermott to set up your Chat Bot to grow your database with your social media content. Let people know when you are going to be live. Give people reminders that you are about to go live. Show up and the same time and day to be consistent and grow a loyal, trusted following. 

No.3 Trend

Personal Videos

Small business owners have a leading edge over big organisations. It’s rare for a CEO to get on video and be personal. Think of some of the big corporates who featured in their own ads like Gerry Harvey from Harvey Norman and Dick Smith. You can also become a household name if you are consistent with your video content.  Be the face of your brand. Don’t always be the expert. Share some behind the scenes, exciting news, your new puppy, you are on a fitness program. The number  one reason we go to social media is to be entertained and inspired. So when you are creating content think is this going to make someone feel good. People always remember how we make them feel, not necessarily what you say. 

No. 4 Trend

Mobile Video

Mobile video usage is increasing at 100% per year. 85% of people watch videos with their sound off on their mobile devices. Use captions on your videos. If you want to leverage your videos and re-purpose your videos for Linkedin.Youtube, your website then film in landscape and HD Quality. The iphone 11 films in 4K Quality which is cinematic quality and the selfie mode camera is the same quality as the back camera. 15 second videos are popular on stories. 

No. 5 Trend

15 second Video Ads Apps to Create Your Videos & Videos Ads & Reels 





Apps for iphone 


Perfect Video


Apps for Android


Adobe Premiere Rush


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Melissa Groom

Melissa Groom, The Visibility Mentor assists business owners to be more visible and confident on video and she offers her signature 30 Day Visibility Challenge, supporting people every step of the way.

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