Social media, is it a growth tool?

Facebook, Channelled Guidance and those that Hate to Love!

By Alana Fairchild

Facebook. Love it or hate it, using it can certainly be an opportunity for personal growth.

I like that that those with a compassionate message to share have been able to use Facebook for higher purposes. That appeals to the divine rebel in me. So I run a spiritual guidance page on Facebook at to support our growing spiritual community, with a channelled guidance post about once a week. You are welcome to come and check it out.

The posts are directly channeled from higher guidance, so they are loving, nurturing, sometimes with tough love, but always from a place of deep respect.

The number of people that respond to the posts vary, sometimes great discussions ensue and lots of shares, sometimes there are less public responses on the page but I receive more personal emails about the post.  The overwhelming response to what happens on that page has taught me that it is important and genuinely helps people.

Recently however, for the first time, I received two quite angry publicly posted responses – one sarcastic and condescending and the other quite angry, critical and defensive.

I was genuinely surprised. I re-read what I wrote wondering if I had written something far more provocative and controversial than I remembered. The post was as I recalled, about opening up to guidance in a time of deep struggle. A little challenging perhaps, but definitely loving.

Then I remembered something true.

Genuine love is powerful beyond measure. It can be deeply confronting. The presence of love may evoke peace in the heart of one who can receive it, or it may bring up pain in the heart of one who believes that they do not deserve it. From a place of pain, if confronted deeply enough, that wounded soul may even feel compelled to act out their pain in the world, trying to inflict it upon others. There is an old expression for this – biting the hand that feeds.

This is one reason why I believe that as we grow more powerful on our path, capable of holding even more divine love, a wise act is not always to send love to a situation, but to ask instead “how can I serve here?” and listen to your heart. Sometimes your heart will guide you to pray, sometimes to speak, and sometimes it will be to remove yourself from a situation before your presence makes it escalate further! Then sometimes, as it was for me in this instance, it will be to simply delete the comments and protect the sanctuary of guidance that helps thousands of people. Our sacred work is worth defending from those that would want to undermine it. For me this was an important reminder that although we aim for compassion towards all beings, one must also be prepared to honour boundaries and protect that which is offered in sacred service for the healing of human hearts. 


I’d love to meet you and we have a unique chance to spend some transformational time together in June.

I was guided to hold a special sacred gathering from 10am – 4pm on Saturday 29th June in  Brisbane. The work I do in sacred gatherings is unscripted. I allow the divine to take over and so I rarely have much knowledge in advance of what will happen. I trust it enough now, after more than a decade of teaching and healing, to surrender to it completely. I do know that there will be live channelled guidance, some singing, blessings, meditation and divine laughter. Cost is $150. Reserve your place by emailing It will be a powerful day and I would love you to be a part of it.

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Wishing you great love and peace, beloved, as the divine journey takes us through some deeply healing, but sometimes deeply challenging, pathways during the amazing energy of 2013. Namaste.




Vanessa Finnigan is the founder, editor, publisher of Holistic Bliss Magazine and she also offers multi-media whispering energy sessions. She has been a freelance writer for 16 years for magazines.

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