A Key To Unlock Workplaces by Jilly Gabrielson

I recently returned to Sydney after a week in Adelaide where I conducted Wellbeing Sessions for eighteen staff members in retail business.

I love the work I do as it gives me the opportunity to connect with people at a much deeper level than normally offered, where unresolved truths are shared.

What I discovered in these sessions may be currently happening  in the macro and micro as I encountered a pattern of behaviour in most people I worked with.

It seemed they were so “chock-a-block” with their own unresolved trust issues they were unable to easily step into a bigger picture and view things from an expanded space to gain clarity as an individual and part of a team.

It made me think maybe we are all so overloaded by external information we have to shut down our feelings to cope.  This directly relates to being able to feel what is true and taking the risk to trust ourselves to speak honestly to resolve issues, rather than push them down and pretend we are okay.

Clear, honest and effective communication is the tool that helps open discussion.  Isn’t it crazy that we do everything rather than simply saying to a troubled work mate, “I’d like to understand what might be happening for you, as your behaviour is not helping the team at the moment?” 

These simple words could save years of workplace upset where staff pretend there is no elephant  in the room, to avoid any confrontation.  The fact is the “elephant” is running the workplace as everyone is tip toeing around and not being their authentic self, including the “elephant”.

We all have functional and dysfunctional behaviours we are totally unaware of.  It takes a courageous person to address what is working and what is not on behalf of the team while at the same time looking at self.

Being able to open up heartfelt understanding between people totally engages the individual where they then feel valued and included in the workplace team.  This improves everyone’s quality of life and contributes to a greater consciousness for all whether at work or home. 

I found when I was present with each person and actively listened and understood it created more space for them to feel and find their own answers, beyond their normal way.  It offered them a freedom to view different perspectives where they could reveal dysfunctional behavioural patterns, they had no idea they were in.

Without being able to look at ourselves we become unable to take responsibility for our behaviours and actions as it is always someone or something else outside self that has upset us which makes it impossible for us to change.   

The natural brightness that occurred with each individual after their session indicated to me that people are unconsciously devastated for not being seen for who they really are.  It is the beingness, heart to heart, soul to soul connection, the isness of our life force, that needs acknowledgment.   

We are all human BEINGS and have the ability to truly see each other. 

The first step is recognition of self as a being and the rest is a “no brainer”!

Love Jilly  

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Jilly Gabrielson

Jilly is a qualified psychotherapist, specialising in the areas of: conscious business leadership, holistic counselling and creative mentorship. An explorer and discover of life on this beautiful blue planet…perhaps to find love is the answer.

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