A Placeholder – What is this? By Linda Simpson

A place holder is something that is primarily there to fill a void. The dictionary says that it’s something that marks or temporarily fills a place. I also see it as something that isn’t a permanent fixture.

Recently I had a tooth removed and felt its loss so much. With the pain of having this work done I felt like I was living outside of myself for almost two weeks.

During this time, I realised a few things:

  • Losing something toxic is good
  • That clear ‘space’ helped me to make some clear decisions
  • The pain at the time was there to remind me that I chose well
  • Losing this ‘placeholder’ has nothing to do with who I am and everything to do with how I choose, and how I move forward.

Placeholder Moment

You know how it is with anything different in your mouth – your tongue checks it out relentlessly. The space feels weird. 

It was while I was trying to keep my tongue from investigating the site that I sat with a few thoughts about the now extracted tooth.

It was infected.

Underneath the pretty white topping the old tooth was not only dead, but it was breaking down. Putting all sorts of yukky stuff (technical term) into my system.

It represented the OLD

This tooth was root filled and topped with a composite filling at a time when there was a lot of emotion in my world. Having it out made me view the remnants of those stories and neutralize them with Love. They’re now more gentle memories than what they were.

Where else?

Where else do we hold these things I’ve labelled ‘Placeholders’?

While I’ve been unwrapping this particular journey, I took a look at other places where I’ve held on to things without even realising how much weight they give to my world. 

Seemingly innocuous things packed away on a shelf can carry burdensome stuff.

One such thing for me was an investment I made in a new business idea which involved me receiving product. After using the product for a while, I realised it was just not going to be good fit; I wouldn’t be able to ethically promote it since I really didn’t care about it.

The last physical memories of this spontaneous moment were in an anonymous looking box on a shelf in the office and each time I opened that particular box I remembered the investment which meant I couldn’t release them to the bin. Yesterday I did, they’re gone, and that space is clear.

That box of old and out of date product was another example of a placeholder.

Unwrapping and moving forward

Whether Placeholders are physical or non-physical, they’re part of our decluttering progress and yet they can still be neatly stored.

As a tidy human we take these items and store them in our brain files, on our garage shelving, or even in the attic. 

Housekeeping these old files is a major part of our spiritual progress here at this pivotal time. Clarity on all levels, not just the spiritual connection. Every level is linked to our own personal story and that script is directed by both our willingness to move ahead AND our own old files.

Anonymously clearing old files is a major part of my Heartisan work with clients. Rewrite the Script is a gentle process where, together with your Higher Connection and Mine, we allow old files to surface and be neutralized.

You see, I’ve never subscribed to processes which make us just ‘see’ and almost re-experience what we’re clearing. My feeling is that the intention to clear, alongside a gentle support process or structure, is one of the most quick and magical ways to generate clear air for a being already on their spiritual path.

Have fun with your inner guided growth, to me that’s the MAGIC. Enjoying the learning process and laughing at myself is the only way I know, and it just feels good.

Sending Love Bubbles and Hugs, LINDA

Linda Simpson – Heartisan & Consciousness Connector. Your expert on how to live a life with Love and Joy as Abundant Ingredients.




Linda Simpson

Linda Simpson – Heartisan & Consciousness Connector helping tired Spiritual Workers, Coaches and Healers to Realign.

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