A Remedy for Awaking from Humanity’s Nightmare by Shelley and Warren Rose

Here’s a story about humanity from a cosmic perspective, and it may help to answer some questions and offer a remedy about the world changes occurring.

For this story, the earth is functioning as a ‘radiator’, part of the engine cooling system in the great cosmic bus (cosmos), so you can see the earth as a valued part of a much greater system. Humanity, in its infancy and immaturity, has damaged the earth radiator over eons of time, especially in the last couple of hundred years. This has led to catastrophic overheating, toxic pollution and destructive environmental changes to the natural cooling system of the earth and the cosmic bus engine.

Centuries ago, forewarning of this calamity and its remedy were hidden in the children’s section of the library. But many adults did not see the spiritual significance of Sleeping Beauty and fell into a deep sleep of unconsciousness after their heart’s blood was poisoned by the spindle’s needle (the symbolic ‘prick’ of the unconscious patriarchal system of commercialisation). Many were unable to see the catastrophic changes and growing dangers in their environment, and the disappearance of their spiritual freedoms, because they could no longer feel with their hearts.

Remember the handsome prince in Sleeping Beauty? He symbolises the bright solar light of the cosmos who brings the remedy for the sleep spell of unconsciousness to the heart.  In this story, the ‘handsome prince’ is the ‘cosmic father’.

It’s a good thing the cosmic father, arrives. The old mother earth has already transcended, birthed and awakened into a new earth, only accessible to a small number of humanity still awake, still connected to the nature of life and all its blessings and wonder.  

The cosmic father leaves most of himself outside the earth radiator, residing at the centre of the great cosmos bus. He could, however, squeeze a tiny piece of himself into the earth radiator and not burn it up with his bright solar light of love. The father is aware how very young these humans are, how fragile and, yet, powerful, but with no idea how to properly use their spiritual power.  

The cosmic father observes humanity. He sees the root infection behind the toxic radiator of mother earth: a false father energy asserting loveless authority and control. It’s mimicking the cosmic father as the commander of the mother earth vessel and its inhabitants, but with no heart connection. Without love, the earth radiator is failing, breaking down. The cosmic father removes this false imposter, who has been taking the life energy of humanity and the earth radiator system.

Even though the false father has been removed, he leaves behind his poisonous seed of unconsciousness inside humanity, stretching back eons of time as genetic and ancestral toxic imprints. Its tangled roots of infection and death run deep into every part of the earth radiator and in humanity.

The poisonous seed of the false patriarch hides the cosmic father’s golden heart seed under deep spells within the human form. It’s spelled the heart of humanity into death-like sleep for lifetimes. Humanity’s dream is not a peaceful one, but a nightmare.

The cosmic father watches humanity in mass queues before the new high-tech spindle, their eyes wide with hypnotic fear. With a prick their heart seeds (life essence) are driven from their bodies into a giant bank vault.

Tears stream down the father’s face. Now, they can’t wake up and remember him.

The rays of the everlasting solar light of the great cosmic father penetrate the toxic haze, dispelling the gloom. The great cosmic mother speaks to the tiny piece of the cosmic father inside the earth radiator…

“No matter how dark the dream, it’s only a dream that dissolves when the dreamer wakes and remembers they are creating the dream. You are just there to remind them.”

The father blows a blessing on humanity’s unconscious dream of the false patriarch, and kisses the toxic seed, knowing what it truly is; he is calling it home. He sings the song of the divine heart seed with all the love in his heart. The golden heart seed of humanity awakens, arises and turns towards him, the sun of love of the great cosmic mother. 

As humanity awakens, they gaze adoringly at the bright solar light in the sky, whose great golden love is shining down on them. The new winds of change, and the rains of healing help humanity grow strong and free as they create their new dream in the endless dreaming of the cosmos. 

As seen in the story, the true remedy for humanity lies in the heart, not in the polarisation of what is occurring as resistance and reaction.

If people come together in heart association and in song for a prayer of change (cosmic prayer – all embracing), and are moved by the truth of the situation, not by anger or insult, then deep positive shifts will occur.

This is the activation of the heart centre, which draws to humankind the remedy on a much higher level.

If you would like more information on the heart remedy, or to join with us online (Warren and Shelley) for heart activation and remedy, then send us an email. 



Shelley Rose

Shelley Rose (White Buffalo Moon) was born with a spiritual gift. She connects directly and lovingly with those caught in the subtle realms after death. From a very young age Shelley could see and communicate with the spiritual, nature and celestial realms and the worlds in-between, acting as a bridge and spiritual guide/healer, a nurturing protective mother energy for all those who have died, but remain bound to this world.

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