I was having an ozone treatment at a clinic in Bali, lying back on a bed with my earplugs in and listening to the voice of Ram Dass backed by enchanting and rhythmical music. This day I was particularly relaxed.

Spontaneously, I started focusing on my root chakra, the area where I have been having problems. I automatically started sending it love, and as the music played, as the percussion grooved, I imagined the music penetrating deep into this chakra. I had a very clear image of the inside of my root chakra and could see how the sounds of the flute and other musical instruments were causing the inside of the chakra to vibrate. At the same time I started experiencing very strong physical sensations – a lot of tinging and vibrations moving up my legs, and this excited me greatly as I knew it was beneficial and would cause me to feel better to some degree.

Then suddenly there I was – inside my root chakra, playing all those instruments myself! I started feeling more, it was like an energetic defrosting, and then of course the emotions started moving, followed by tears rolling down my cheeks.

Magical is how I would describe this experience initially … and then things got cosmic. A vision of an incredible being appeared at the end of the bed and I knew straight away that she was a cosmic aspect of me. She was just magnificent, her energy was so fresh and high vibrational, and she was adorned with a headdress of blue, green, pink and red feathers that rose up from the centre of her forehead like a centrepiece. Her face had jewels on it, a sparkling row of them that highlighted her mesmerising eyes. Her energy was so pure and clear that as I lay there, I likened it to the energy of a diamond – so beautiful and upbeat.

She was dancing, but not only that, she was dancing for me, for my body, which was incredibly moving. She took the feathers from her headdress and used them to cleanse my chakras and then my entire body, and with a know-how that I trusted without question I knew the feathers were antennas directly connected to spirit. She told me telepathically that my body had been through a lot, and that now I was to cleanse and purge everything so that it could be used as a vessel for upliftment. The dance was exotic, I felt I would never tire of watching her. Then she told me to get ready, to prepare myself, because she would be moving into my body, my vessel, once the final cleansing and purification had taken place. Well … this excited me and made me nervous at the same time. Some serious and wonderful changes would need to occur if I were to be able to embody this cosmic being’s energy and hold it for any length of time! The idea of this brought up fears in me; the fear that I might get in the way of this magical process as it was beyond my scope of awareness. But I didn’t want to lose her. As for when this would happen, who knows. In these spaces, time doesn’t exist.

This beautiful feminine figure then showed me a man who I believe represents my masculine aspect that will be merging with the feminine aspect of me. Both of these beings had so much light and so much energy and I have a knowing that when she does come in, she is going to be able to fully express herself. Her energy is going to emanate out into the world, and I am going to dance, dance, dance … !

This whole experience lasted about thirty minutes, although really it was timeless. Before she departed, the cosmic dancer reminded me to take the time to close my eyes and go inside my energy body; to travel into my chakras, my meridians, my organs and my cells and pay them some attention. The week following this I was in tip-top shape, more energetic than I’ve been in a long time, and since then my cleansing has continued. I’ve let go of more old trauma and my body has healed as a result. I never know when these kinds of things are going to happen and I can’t pinpoint why this happened on that particular day. I have learned that these encounters bring about physical clearing and healing that can go on for months afterwards. It takes a while for these higher vibration spiritual encounters to move through the density of the physical body and our 3D existence.

The more I have these kinds of experiences, the more I long for us all to remember our true magical powers and the higher levels of vibration we can exist in. There is no pain and suffering in this frequency. It’s happening already in a parallel reality that is far from mundane and full of cosmic enchantment … Let’s call more of it in!

If you would like to be notified when my book, The Frequency of Freedom, is going to be released (aiming for July) or you would like to pre-order a copy, visit my website.

Sandy McShane

Sandy Torah McShane shares her amazing transformational journey and is the author of 'The Frequency of Freedom' with a release date of July 2022.

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