Activating the Youthening Energy Flows by Shauna Teaken

Earlier this year, with a group of intrepid explorers, I ran a daily 10-15 minute online energy exercise class.

This was something new, as I have been running daily Energy Flows groups for a few years now. For expanded money, communication with nature, crystals, animals, contribution to the earth – all kinds of things. 


My inspiration this time was to open up, energetically, all the cells, pathways, circuits and activation points to allow our bodies to heal and generate themselves fresh.

To release any and all past traumas being held in the cell memory, and to clear genetic predispositions to illness and ageing.

I call this process “Youthening”and its what bodies were designed to do. Ageing is actually an ‘unnatural’ process for the body!

What emerged from that commitment to such a small amount of daily time was fascinating, and for many of us since, life-changing.

Here’s a YY21 you can try – scroll down the page:

The Power of Commitment

We didn’t focus on our problems, or disorders or frailties. We simply activated a whole host of points for release, relaxation and joy to flow, just as it does for a happy child.

What we discovered through the 21 days was, (and as the creator, I discovered much that was new myself, and my life and body has been through some incredible changes, too!) that the energy of the Youthful You Activations opens up one’s awareness around more than just the body. 

In bringing back ease, relaxation, and joyful enthusiasm, a generative energy opened up around money flows, food, relationships, nature – many things.

The Youthful You energy is an energy that can be accessed, and tuned into at any time. 

Running energy through the points and pathways for 21 days creates a possibility for energies and capacities you may not even be aware that you have and be, to start showing up. The 21 days is a commitment that yields incredible results in all areas of your life, not just your body.

You can join a Youthful You 21 days of activations at any time – we send you the daily Energy Flows to play and download so your own Youthening journey can begin.

Since then, the energy has opened up to include a series of online classes using the YY21 Activations as a prerequisite – to do with money (Living Gold); dental health (Youthening Starts with the Mouth) and currently the Youthful Body Class is in progress.

Shauna Teaken

Shauna Teaken has a light hearted yet surprisingly effective approach to joyful living with youthful vitality that goes beyond the expected.

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