Advice From a Spiritual Teacher by Linda Willow Roberts 

There is a silent power that comes with developing Spiritually. It is subtle and if you allow yourself to feel it, anchor it and align to it you can do anything!

It’s the same when we bake a cake; you get the ingredients and choose the brand you want, either for the price or for the quality, then follow the recipe. Combine all that you know then use love and energy to mix the ingredients into the preferred consistency. The last thing you do is put it in the oven and allow the correct baking time and temperature so that it cooks exactly how you like it.

There is a process – depending on a couple of variables like adding different ingredients, adjusting the temperature because your oven is different and maybe the time it takes to cook then alters.

We are all unique. I can make banana bread loaf like a champion but get me to make a sponge cake and I could not even get it out of the tin, until I was taught!

The Spiritual Assessments appointments I have done lately highlight how unique we are. The authentic abilities everyone has need to be nurture and celebrated.

Some things you can’t teach, such as your natural abilities which are always stronger. What I have learned is refrain from putting yourself into a limiting box and thinking is this all I can do, or this is all I am going to be.

What at first is natural, and seems second nature to you is wonderful so celebrate it. Choose then to follow the direction you are guided to. It’s a step by step process and one that will be different for each of you.

Share your life experience and stories and let your philosophy come through in your teaching. Find your own way of expressing yourself, what is true for you. Spirit does not need replicas of who you learnt from.

Most of the clients I deal with fear they haven’t got what it takes or are full of it, or they try and control what they are evolving into. Your true north, if you’re out of your head, will steer you in the right direction. You just have to trust.

Please don’t be in a hurry, get certified with a Worldwide expert, someone with a few years’ experience, that you gel with. Learn from as many people as you can, you will find your niche and it will flow beautifully if you are in Service.

Being in Service is the key to becoming satisfied with your purpose, I detour from the word successful because that isn’t the feeling I want. I want to feel satisfied that I have helped and done all that I need to do for Spirit in this day.

Linda Willow Roberts 

Linda Willow Roberts

Linda Willow Roberts is a spiritual teacher, author and creator of ‘I am a Manifestor Magical Oracle Cards’ based in Tasmania and offering her products and services anywhere in the world.

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