After Death Stories: My dad, Diana Spencer and more… by Shelley Rose

As I started to tell you last month, my father’s spirit appeared in our bedroom early one morning. It was thirty years since his death and the last time I had seen him in the subtle. I was shocked by his spiritual appearance. 

You would have thought after many years of seeing unusual phenomena, like dead people, I would be completely untouched by sudden subtle appearances, but, no.  It still shakes me up. 

Dad’s spirit looked like it was in a severe state of shock. He did not look well at all.  

My husband’s twin brother, Neil, passed away at the end of last year. His life had been a simple one. A gentle soul, who had worked hard all his life, labouring in factories or as a cleaner in hospitals and schools. He loved sport, especially rugby league and his dogs. He had an issue with drinking; his way of coping or not coping with life challenges. In the last 10 years of Neil’s life, he had been greatly challenged and suffered continual emotional and financial abuse. Soon after Neil’s death, I glimpsed his spirit and saw the great shock and unwellness that I now saw in my father’s spirit.  

Neil’s after-death healing came in the form of retrieving his spirit ‘heart song’ – life essence. Once this was restored in Neil, his indigenous ancestors were able to bring in earth shamanic healing frequencies activating a remembering of ‘wholeness’ and the way home. This healing resonance enabled him to let go of his life suffering, stories he had been identifying with. Neil realised this wasn’t who he was, and he quickly returned to a state of strong wellbeing in subtle form (after death state). Neil was very open and receptive to the healing offered. My dad wasn’t…

My father’s life had been an interesting one. He was a high achiever, and this dominated his life and his spiritual life. Dad grew up in poverty during the great depression and put himself through teacher’s training college in New Zealand. He was a gifted teacher who never actually was a ‘teacher’ as he entered a headmaster position straight out of training college. He was a great sportsman, rugby player and swimmer who had saved lives in his life-surfing days. He founded schools, performed as a vocal soloist and chorister in his spare-time, and stage-managed thousands of school children in the Auckland music festivals. He was a unique and gifted human being. 

Dad’s greatest achievement was in his spiritual life. He was a deeply religious man, not out of fear, but out of ‘faith’. As a natural strong orator, he was given leadership positions within the religious community, as people intently listened to him when he spoke.  

As it has turned out, of all dad’s achievements, it is his religious position that he is unable to give up…

Realising the significance of Neil’s story and his healing compared with my dad’s spirit appearance, I asked my spirit guides for help in locating dad’s spirit ‘heart song’. The heart song was returned, but dad wasn’t able to receive it.  

During those moments of asking my spirit guides for help, they showed me a glimpse of what dad was caught in within the subtle realm after death. I saw dad in a patriarchal hierarchy religious setting. There were very important looking men, beautifully dressed, draped about on seats, making so called ‘important’ decisions. 

The difference between what dad perceived in his mind as his reality and my observation of the ill state of his subtle form is vast. Dad’s spirit form had deteriorated from when I glimpsed him thirty years ago above his grave site when he had appeared so bright and healthy. 

I realise I am no longer the religious zestful young girl who rattled church leaders with my deeply alternative speeches and teachings. I have moved on from religion, and now prefer the quietness of nature. So, dad would hardly recognise me now.  

There was a brief moment when I felt dad recognise me in spirit, but I was like a breeze, a puff of wind within the mind reality of his subtle world. 

I can only accept where dad is at. Maybe at some point he will remember who he is without the identification of a religious position, achievements or any other form. When dad does remember who he is, he will remember me.

Dad wasn’t the only one who came to me recently. A well-known energy also came, Diana Spencer.  

I used to watch news on tv and when a cold case, or something similar came up, I would go into the subtle realm with my spirit guides and help those still caught in the trauma, so they would have a choice to leave. One of those stories was Diana Spencer. I remember being amazed at how well hidden and covered over she was in the subtle world; she was so hard to find. With the help of many spirit beings, Diana’s spirit was finally located. Her pain was so great that when she was released, she escaped into the cosmos like a beautiful comet.

That was a few years ago now. 

A couple of weeks ago I recognised Diana’s energy entering the room while I was in a harmony session with my husband. Her energy was so insistent, I cried, and found it hard to stop. I could feel her great love for her sons. And I just knew what she wanted.  

With the help of my spirit guides, we located Diana’s spirit ‘heart song’ and she received it from us. This happened on the 21st of May. Diana received life essence into her spirit form and life consciousness fully embraced her. 

I wasn’t intending to share this story about Diana. But I was sitting on the couch just now, and suddenly felt Diana’s loving presence come beside me. I felt her strong desire for me to share this story, so I am.  

Diana is now at peace, whole and liberated. A spiritual being of powerful love and magnificent light who represents so much for so many, especially in this moment with the liberation of the heart, arising in human consciousness. 


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Shelley Rose

Shelley Rose (White Buffalo Moon) was born with a spiritual gift. She connects directly and lovingly with those caught in the subtle realms after death. From a very young age Shelley could see and communicate with the spiritual, nature and celestial realms and the worlds in-between, acting as a bridge and spiritual guide/healer, a nurturing protective mother energy for all those who have died, but remain bound to this world.

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