An emotional forecast based on your personal life path number by Jules O’Neill

Because it is awesome!

It will assist and guide you to walk the path of your heart and higher mind. And where life is about freedom, choice, abundance, growth, love, and gratitude. It’s a life all of us desire for ourselves and each other.

It will help you move through and manage times of emotional stress well. Offer you suggestions on how to communicate compassionately, authentically and openly with yourself and others. And give you ways to create more emotional harmony within yourself and your home, especially in the wobbly times.

For many of us, the path of our heart and higher mind triggers internal emotional stress, with varied intensities and times. Sometimes emotional stress can hit you right out of the blue, and sometimes you sense it coming.

The reason for this is because the path of the heart and higher mind will continually grow you out of your comfort zones. Unfold your life purpose, your joy, your dreams and what you truly value and believe in.

What’s happening is your heart and higher mind are calling you in a direction. A great direction! However, your internal conditioned belief systems are blocking this. You either have an old outdated limiting belief that no longer serves you, or you do not have a newly updated belief that supports this direction.

Your emotional stress can be transformed into conscious clarity and a deeper level of self-awareness with your monthly emotional forecast based on your life path number.

What is an emotional forecast?

Each month, you will receive a relatable emotional forecast for the month ahead. It’s an MP3 designed to give you emotional self-awareness. The idea is that you will be able to help yourself in times when you feel emotionally wobbly, make choices that add value to your life and move through emotional stress with conscious clarity. It will help you emotionally prepare yourself for the month ahead, by giving you an emotion to focus on and what to avoid. This will contribute possible solutions and directions for any emotionally challenging days.

You also will receive what reactions to be aware of and what actions to choose instead. As well as, clues as to the big “why is this happening to me?” spiritual reason! It’s so soothing to know the ‘why’ from a spiritual, non-judgmental, uplifting point of view.

How do you get it and work out your personal life path number?

Easy! Visit my website, go to the memberships page, click on the Crystal Membership, and you will see a table to enter in your full birth date. Your life path number will come up and give you access to sample a taster of your emotional forecast.
This idea is you listen to it often throughout the month, and especially in the times of emotional stress. It will give you clarity and focus you are able to relate with.


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