An update on 5G streetlights by Gerard Bini

My last 5G streetlight blog written in 2023 was worthy of an update to remind and warn people of the real dangers of 5G streetlights being the severity of radiation exposure they present to people’s health and wellbeing in their homes.  

It is important to note here that THERE IS NO 5G CONNECTION TO THE STREETLIGHTS. So, I refer to “5G streetlights” as “Radiating streetlights” due to there being no actual 5G connection. 

The history of radiating streetlights started in Australia in 2019, where a small number of streetlights were installed in Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. However, at this time, they were only installed with new LED lights. 

Optus advertised an expression of interest for 5G home broadband in those suburbs which had these radiating LED streetlights, and then openly advertised which suburbs 5G home broadband would be initially offered to.  

This is how we selected the suburb of Dickson in Canberra, and where we flew to do our initial 5G streetlight testing to determine the existence of the radiating 5G streetlights. 

After visiting Dickson, I was then able to test the other suburbs by reading the energy which emanated from an image of a house using Google Earth of any suburbs which were up for 5G home broadband. 

The offer for expression of interest for 5G broadband and all the nominated suburbs was eventually withdrawn from Optus’ website and was replaced with a moving map of 5G tower coverage only, not the 5G streetlights. 

My thoughts in 2019 were that the 5G streetlights would likely be rolled out throughout Australia from 2019. However, as time went by, l realised that Melbourne, Hobart and Darwin were still not getting radiating 5G streetlights. The Mornington Peninsula Shire were replacing their old fluorescent streetlights with LED, but they were not radiating. And no country towns throughout Australia received radiating streetlights.  

It wasn’t until February 2023 while doing Google Earth property readings for customers in Brisbane and the Northern Rivers, that I noticed that their streetlights were now ALL radiating. In March 2023, the same occurred across most of Sydney.  

In mid-April 2023, I noticed the streetlights were now beginning to be turned on suburb by suburb, starting with the city, and then the surrounding inner-city suburbs. The northern and western suburbs were soon followed by the eastern suburbs.  

In April 2023 we travelled to Yarragon in West Gippsland, and along the way I read the energy of each town and noticed that Drouin and Warragul both had radiating streetlights. Yarragon did not have radiating streetlights, however, on the Tuesday directly after that weekend away in Yarragon, their streetlights suddenly began to radiate too. 

Finally, on Easter Sunday and Easter Monday, the Mornington Peninsula’s streetlights also began to radiate. This rollout of switching on every suburban street’s streetlights didn’t just happen in Australia last year, it also happened across the USA which l noticed once again by observing the energies of suburbs in cities in the USA via Google Earth when doing property readings for people who lived there. 

Why did this rollout occur in 2023 and not earlier?  

Well, the Covid vaxx destroyed a lot of people’s energy perception so they wouldn’t notice the “sudden change of energy” in their environments nor pick up on the severity of the radiation. A good way to hide the elephant in the China shop, don’t you think? Because the Geoelectric Ground Current (GGC) energy that the radiating streetlights create, is quite noticeable to an energy observant person.  

As an experiment, when I passed through the town of Warragul which had switched on radiating streetlights, I took off my Stellar Pendant and stood on the street and I noticed the overwhelming heavy energy which made me feel terribly sick. I couldn’t wait to get my Stellar Pendant back on! 

The 5G connection that mobile phones receive is from 5G TOWERS only.  

This is easy to test by monitoring how many bars you have on your phone as you drive along the street. You will notice that the quality of reception is not a constant 4 bars, but it increases as you approach a 5G tower, then reduces as you drive away from the tower. If we were getting 5G reception from the streetlights, then it would be a constant 4 bars of reception. Hence, ‘Radiating streetlights’ not ‘5G streetlights’, are what we are dealing with now. 

No-one l personally know in the telco industry has any information as to when the 5G connection to the streetlights will begin. I say this because for the lights to radiate they would have to have the phased array antenna installed in the housing of the lights.  

Here is a link to a very interesting video made by an English technician where he opens a 5G streetlight and points out the various components especially the antenna, and he comments on the fact that the antennas, because of their output of radiation, are illegal in the UK!

The streetlight in this clip is an LED light, which from what was being said back in 2016 about 5G, would be the newly installed LED lights that would have the phased array antennas in them.

A lot of councils here in Australia were replacing the older sodium globe lights with LED because they were cheaper to operate which is an advantage of LED lights. However, the remaining sodium globe lights are also now radiating!  

In some suburbs of Melbourne, fluorescent streetlights are still being used, however they are not radiating like the LED Street lights. Although, fluorescent lights are still a radiation danger as just one fluorescent ceiling light will flood a small room with a radiation charge, which is harmful. Another interesting fact is that the very old yellow glowing sodium globes are also radiating just like the LED streetlights! 

What do radiating streetlights do to our health? 
Radiating streetlights installed in every suburban street generate a Geoelectric Ground Current (GGC) which is a radiation charge that emanates up and out of the ground to around 2 meters.  

From my many years of experience, houses which have GGC have the most radiation related health problems for the occupants. That is because the GGC engulfs the whole property in a harmful radiation charge that you cannot escape.  

The GGC from the streetlights join up due to their proximity to each other, and this causes the GGC to go through every house along the street regardless of whether the light poles are on one side of the street and houses on the other side.  

Other GGC’s that exist. 

Before the streetlights began radiating, GGC in a home would be typically caused by a death on the property, and if human remains were buried on a property. A cemetery has GGC. 

Wind farms have very strong GGC’s which emanates up out of the ground to around 10 meters. This is probably the reason why people who live wind turbine properties become very ill, due to the harmful effect of the GGC.  

Another set of GGC is Earth Magnetic Grid Lines which are walls of energy 2 meters wide at 70-meter spacings, running north south and east west in a grid pattern. The intensity of radiation from the GGC grid lines is more harmful to humans and animals than the areas of GGC between the grid lines. 

A 5G tower creates GGC, however, the GGC from a tower stops at the boundary of the property it is erected on. If the tower is installed on top of a building, the whole building over all its levels is engulfed in the GGC radiation. 

Before your house was radiated by the streetlights, you may have enjoyed a healthy living environment. And then along comes the radiating streetlights in your street with the GGC, which replaces the ambience with an energy which is now putting all the occupants under immense radiation stress via their Chinese Meridians and vital organs. 

Fortunately, the Geoclense and Stellar Domes are 100% capable of harmonising the GGC from the streetlights by replacing the harmful positively charged GGC with a very healthy and radiant negatively charged GGC. Houses can now regain that healthy energy with the use of a Geoclene or Stellar Dome, once again. 

By Gerard Bini 

Intuitive Building Biologist 

Managing Director 

Orgone Effects Australia Pty. Ltd.

Gerard Bini

Gerard Bini, founder of Orgone Effects Australia and the foremost Australian expert in the development of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) harmonizing products, is a well-respected and internationally renowned Intuitive Building Biologist with 20 years of experience and research into EMF beyond the normal.

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