Are You Dreaming Of Going On A Retreat? By Linda Simpson

But can’t see how you could make that magic happen.

Recently I had the opportunity to leave home and live in an island home for a weeklong retreat. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

It was a magnificently laughable failure and one that still has me laughing at the synchronicities which allowed me to SEE how easy the retreat idea can be, and how much we push the idea out into something that another being organises or does.

There are many beautiful places here on Earth,
where you can visit to find peace and solace and clarity.
But one of the most sacred of all places is the closest.
That sacred place within your own heart. 

This was the message that came through loud and clear when I finally stopped yelling at my spiritual guidance (The Team), and began feeling into exactly what I wanted from my ‘retreat’.

Ask Questions!

Oh, I’m not saying spiritual retreats are a bad thing, as many beautiful souls hold magical spaces to perfectly align with your intentions.

What I am asking you to think about is why, why would you want to go on a retreat.

I realised, with perfect 20/20 hindsight, that I had asked the wrong guidance questions. My questions and confirmation statements were all aimed at what I should take on this retreat – what I should do. At no time did I ask what I see now as the first question – is this the right next step for me?

My own idea of a retreat:

  • Is a place, a space where I could feel into my next unfolding idea.
  • A space where I could meditate and relax.
  • A space where I could do Yoga 2 or 3 times a day to open up any ‘stuckness’.
  • Where I didn’t have to decide what was for dinner, as I was going to have a fruit diet.

Looking back at what I felt I needed, it became clear that these things are also things I can bring into my own home – they were just a decision away. A bit of planning too, of course. 

So my home retreat was what ended up happening. 😊

What would YOU want from a retreat?

If the idea of a retreat has been calling out to you then invest a little quality time into writing down, or at least thinking about, what you really would want from a retreat.

With a small shift in your view, how could you achieve one of these things in your current space?

Of course, current circumstances are what they are, but a shift in your thinking of only one degree could help redesign your day just a little to make one idea work.

Build your own Retreat

Take that list of what YOU would want to achieve at a retreat and begin today. I’ve created a quick e-book with some great ideas on growing your self-awareness and the link is at the end of this article.

What stands in the way of your own retreat at home?

You have kids? No problem: 

  • Teach them Yoga
  • Take them to the park for a nature investigative walk
  • Get them to draw their own mandalas

At the very least you’ll have had some fun and forgotten your worries for a moment.

One friend, a busy mumma with three beautiful children, a part time job AND her growing tea leaf reading business chooses the park as a great venue for everyone to ground, unwind, to be more at peace and less jangled.

That’s what a retreat is about, assisting you in finding more of those small moments to actually just BEE. 

Enjoy your own growth and the journey into more awareness. It’s a great life here on Earth.

Sending LOVE BUBBLES out over the airwaves to YOU.

Linda Simpson – Heartisan, Transformation Coach & Consciousness Connector.

Linda Simpson

Linda Simpson – Heartisan & Consciousness Connector helping tired Spiritual Workers, Coaches and Healers to Realign.

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