Toni Reilly interview – Are You Living in the Past? by Nicole Taryn

Imagine being guided back to a time when you were an exotic dancer with a life coloured by promiscuity and sensory pleasures, then picture being led into another past life where you went in the other direction by becoming a monk or a nun, with no worldly possessions or romantic relationships. What if this awareness was what helped to unlock your current relationship choices, social anxiety, infertility, financial struggles, or fear of speaking in front of an audience in your life now, allowing you to improve your relationship or to start one, to be on stage, and have your own voice?

From the moment I answered the Skype call from Toni Reilly, Australia’s leading past life regression therapist, I was swept up in her enthusiasm, her joy and her passion for the work that she does. I’m quite certain that I could have been consumed forever in conversation with this amazing woman.

Toni helps countless people change their lives by exploring connections between their current situations and past lives. She guides people to the awareness of their soul and all its wisdom, bringing profound healing and positive change into their lives.
No stranger to the torment that life can deliver, it was through her own struggles that Toni was guided to explore meditation and to read, ‘Many Lives, Many Masters’ the best-selling book by renowned psychiatrist Dr Brian Weiss. The book became a catalyst for Toni as she read about Dr Weiss’ clients’ recovery through past life regression. She was inspired by the doctor’s openness in revealing the challenges he faced as a result of ridicule from his peers. Most of all, Toni was intrigued and guided to explore and experience past life therapy for herself.

And so began a journey for Toni back through lifetimes. The changes were so profound, that she trained to become a facilitator of Past Life Regression Therapy and even trained with Dr Brian Weiss in New York. As an intuitive practitioner, she has since created SoulLife™ Regression and The Toni Reilly Institute, which delivers a number of courses for individuals and practitioners including, SoulLife™ Intuitive Counselling and SoulLife™ Psychology Diploma.

“The purpose of exploring past life memories is always to make NOW better. Curiosity of course plays a role, but even if people are exploring past lives purely out of curiosity, they will always benefit from the information and memories they receive. Our past lives and earlier in current life can affect the interaction that we have in our current lives and having an understanding of why we may be feeling or behaving a certain way can result in so much change in our lives, instantly,” said Toni.

We talked a lot about emotions and the role that they play in connecting us through lifetimes. Toni said the main reason we are here in the school of life is to experience and learn about emotions. “Without these bodies, we have no mask. Without these bodies, we have nowhere to hide. Without these bodies, we are all unconditional love. We come into our bodies as unconditional love and we leave our bodies as unconditional love and everything in between is an emotional and sensory experience,” she explained.

When people are unable to make sense of an emotion, or unable to move through an emotion, Toni facilitates their journey back through different lifetimes and soul memories to see where they’ve experienced it before. Suddenly the familiarity of a feeling, seen playing out in a different story, in a different lifetime, allows people to understand why they are carrying this emotion or trauma through to their current lives and the understanding of that is profound in the healing process.

Toni says that one of the biggest fears of humanity is death. A lot of our fears come back to that basic fear of dying one day, and that somehow we are running out of time or that we will miss out on life. Past life regression therapy gives people some peace around dying. When a client experiences a memory of a past life and recognises an emotion or connection with another soul, they are able to untangle themselves from fear and are better able to be present in their lives, now.

Toni’s passion is encouraging change through experiencing real life stories. Everyone who passes through the Toni Reilly Institute is on an experiential journey of learning. They don’t just come to learn how to facilitate change for others, they experience change and an evolution of their own selves. It’s experiencing that allows a practitioner to authentically have empathy, compassion, understanding and acceptance and to not place their unique views and values onto others.

One of the ways that Toni encourages experiential learning is through the use of stories. It’s through the relating to a story that people become connected in an empathic way. Stories remind us that we are not alone. When you tell a story of how your perception changed through an experience and how something greater was created in your life as a result, then others see a realness that they can relate to, giving them hope. Throughout history and ancient cultures, the most profound wisdom and knowing was passed on through stories and tales. And so, if it’s true that stories hold such value in healing and inner wisdom, then the stories of our past lives may hold the keys to unlock the wisdom that already exists within our eternal experience. We are not only hearing the stories, but we become the story teller. It gives great meaning to the saying, “The answers are within you”.

In our quickly evolving world, change is happening so fast that more and more people are reaching out for answers. Toni strongly believes that our own journeys are unique and although other people may offer some guidance through various modalities, ultimately our learning and our remembering is our own. Her advice to all is to be responsible for your own self. Don’t look too far outside of yourself and parrot the language of others. Find your own language and what works for you. Be your own guru.

Toni expressed that the ultimate goal is to bring unconditional love and the human experience together, hence the name SoulLife™. Bringing together and aligning the pure state of our souls with our human lives will allow us to exist on this planet in a state of tolerance while enjoying the pleasures that these wonderful bodies allow us. The step towards this state of being is acceptance, of ourselves and of others. If we can achieve that, then we are moving well towards an ideal SoulLife™.


Vanessa Finnigan is the founder, editor and publisher of Holistic Bliss.
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