Are you looking for an alternative to your current situation? by Cherie Ashana

Most of the time when I share with people what it is I do, they look at me rather puzzled and say, “What’s iridology?” I reply with a smile, it’s analysis of the body through taking images of the eyes.

Some of you may have experienced iridology at one point or another. If you haven’t, it’s a wonderful way of looking at your body from top to toe, inside and out.

However even though it’s been around for over 3000 years, it’s never really grown in popularity.

Why so?

I feel & believe that this is vastly due to the lack of education about this wonderful modality & as far as I’m concerned it’s one of the most accurate ways of gathering data about ourselves & is a practice that can share with you so much about the functioning of all your body’s systems.

Throughout my life, I’ve always been drawn to the ‘oldie, worldly’ kind of practices & in my day-to-day practice with clients, I combine my experience as a herbalist, iridologist, coach and healer. This gives my clients a unique experience and approach in these modern times.

I’ve had one foot in the spiritual and another in the science world for most of my life. We have so much at our fingertips these days & what I’m finding more and more is that practitioners are beginning to blend the scientific with the ‘woo hoo’, every day.

For me personally, it has always been about the whole person & as practitioners we are being called to guide our clients to the root cause of the conditions, symptoms and underlying issues presenting, which nine times out of ten leads back to an emotional influence in one’s life.

During my late 20’s I decided to go against modern medicine, at the time I had experience a whirl wind of surgeries and recurring ongoing illness. I had already been working with herbs & natural alternatives for some time. I began to question and decided it was time to take my health back into my own hands. I was tired of being at the mercy of the doctors.

My point here is don’t always take what you’re being told as absolute truth. Open up your mind to experience some of the practices that at first don’t appear conventional and see what else is on offer out there for you.

Iridology is just one of them, and it’s a fabulous and concise way of gathering data about yourself. I’m a preventative holistic practitioner & I’m here to guide you to greater health, healing, and happiness.

We are only at the very beginning of this wonderful blending process of practices, I’m excited that we may be starting to bridge a gap that has been very much needed in our world for a very long time. This share is my personal experience only, we all have the opportunity to choose what is right for us personally.

Cherie Ashana x

Advanced Physical Iridologist, herbalist & Healer

To book an Advanced Physical Iridology assessment with me either in person or virtually please either email on or call on 0412 450 664, for all my services go to my website

Cherie Ashana

Cherie Ashana is a qualified, integrated Iridologist, herbalist & much more..

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