AstroScopes – Oct 2020 Written & Prepared by Johnita Francis



Aquarius [Jan 20 – Feb 18]

This month is all about friendships. You’ll make new friends, catch up with old friends and well, some friends, you will walk away from. You’ve been thinking a lot lately, and for you, right now, it’s all about the quality, not the quantity. 

Pisces [Feb 19 – Mar 20]

Your quest to increase your wisdom has been noticed and the Universe is paying dividends. Remember, you do not need to subscribe to everything that crosses your path. Ask yourself is this for you, your higher self and your highest good. The answers will come swiftly once the question is asked.

Aries [Mar 21 – Apr 19]

The Majik of Motivation is yours in October – move your body, move your mind, move yourself to the beat of your own drum. Not everyone will feel as vivacious as you right now, so dance right on by those people, and sing loud enough so you don’t get distracted.

Taurus [Apr 20 – May 20]

Retrospective and introspective are your key words. When you’ve had time to work through your thoughts, you will feel compelled to verbalise them. Get clear with yourself first, and then the right words will come at the right time.

Gemini [May 20 – Jun 20]

Sleep deprivation has been a hot topic for you in recent times and this month you’ll finally feel like you’ve slept the full night. Around the 7th October a shift will happen for you and you’ll feel much more at ease with all that chatter in your mind.

Cancer [Jun 21 – Jul 22]

Fresh air, change of scenery and the smell of the ocean is what is needed for you Cancer. In through the nose and out through the mouth, deeply and slowly. Remember it is not always your circus and despite being cute, they probably aren’t your Monkeys either.

Leo [Jul 23 – Aug 22]

Feeling like your pedal is to the metal, you’ll plough through October… October? What October, here’s comes Christmas and you’ve got so much still to do. Write a list and then prioritise what you want to do vs what you think you should do and then decide what fuels your happiness.

Virgo [Aug 23 – Sept 22]

[two_third_last]Virgo energy of Logic reigns supreme this month and all your ducks are no longer drinking mead and holding unsavoury riots in the wee hours. You’ll feel more in control now then you have in a few months and you will love it. Start smiling now.

Libra [Sept 22 – Oct 22]

Home is where the heart is and your mind is firmly on making sure that everyone under the roof is happy and cared for. A big sigh of relief hits you right between the eyes late October and you lean into the wonderful lightness that November will bring. You’ll feel it in your bones.

Scorpio [Oct 23 – Nov 21]

Family affairs that may have been triggering you (or you triggering family) are about to ease off and become less testy. You all want what is right for each other, you just have different ways of going about things. Once you all chillax and see this, peace will follow.

Sagittarius (Nov 22 – Dec 21)

As the days get warmer, and longer, you’ll want to enjoy them more. Venture out into the sunshine as much and as often as you can. Escape to your brilliant mind, learn, read, whatever you want, as long as it involves the sunshine, you’re coming out of hibernation happily.

Capricorn [Dec 22 – Jan 19]

[two_third_last]Most of this year has been chaotic and confusing; much to your annoyance. You’re looking forward to things making sense once again and for you to get back into the routines you love so dearly. Don’t be surprised if you don’t step back into all of the old routines though, you’ve had time to break some – but you didn’t really enjoy those ones anyway.

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Johnita Francis

Johnita Francis is a psychic medium, supporting personal and spiritual growth through channelled spirit guidance and healing; ‘Insights By Johnita’ offers consultation all around the world focusing on mastering the whole self.

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