Authentically feng shui your home or environment by Daphne Fung

In this age of modern technologies, it is wise to get back to basics in order to understand fully how energies affect us. We all know how good it can be to receive a beautiful session and receive these energies and we can also find ways where the energies in our home or office can contribute to us as well.

Fengu Shui is an ageless art form that re-aligns or corrects any energetic imbalances in our surroundings like our homes/offices. We are affected by our body’s internal environment with regards to our health, as well as our external environment in our home, either positively or negatively.

It is not possible to re-build our homes or change our work place in order to re-calibrate the energies emitting from these places. So Feng Shui is the next best thing in order to correct energies that are either stuck, stale or just not flowing to create abundance in our lives.
Sometimes we may even feel ‘off’, and it could be due to incorrect energy flow in our surroundings.

The wonderful thing about this concept is that everything can be corrected or re-balanced with simple ‘remedies’ or merely understanding how to make these corrections. There are many theories for Feng Shui which can be confusing. Teaching basic, simple techniques about Feng Shui is offered at my healing centre.

It is not enough to just treat our human body for physical ailments, it is up to each one of us to create wonderful vortexes of positive energies spinning around our homes or work places in order to create harmony with all.

Holistic health is encompassing the health of the physical as well as our living environment. By balancing our environment, it is creating inner and outer harmony in our world.

When we Feng Shui the home or work place, our environment becomes a beacon of light shining, always directing a positive flow of energies toward us; thereby allowing abundance to be created at all times.

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