Beauty Shines from the Spirit Within by Tracey Rhodes

You have heard the old saying, ‘true beauty comes from within’ so why is it that some people seem to shine from every pore of their being; radiating a warmth of love that pulsates so brightly that you actually feel their presence, and others do not?

These radiant ones have a light pouring from their face, through their eyes, heart and soul. They have a spiritual poise, an inner strength and wisdom that are tangible.

So what is the difference between a person who shines and one who doesn’t? It is the light of their spirit that is shining within them. These shiny ones are living and working from their spirit! Not just their minds, not just their souls, emotions or thoughts but from the spark of divinity within.

They know how to breathe, amplify and call on the ‘life force’ from behind the Sun/Son. They dedicate their life to the service of others and choose to be the purest channels that they can be.

They flow in harmony with life, nature, planetary influences and the universal law of love.

They not only ‘know’ these spiritual truths that have been handed down through the ages, but they share them, for they know it is in giving, you also receive.

They keep on keeping on when life gets tricky and rarely fall into poor me. They hold fast to the truth that they are the creator of their life and the ‘light within’ is king. They go within rather than blame someone else when tested.

They consciously build their bodies of light, aligning physical, mental, emotional, etheric and astral bodies so that, spirit, soul, mind and emotions and are balanced and holistically beautiful.

They do not fear their shadow, but accept it as a part of their journey of self-discovery.

So what can you do to amplify the light within you?

1. Daily connect to your spirit, breathe, go within. Open your heart, like a flower opens to the sunlight and the still clear flame at the center. See it … feel it … radiate love from it.

2. Upon waking, ensure you are completely anchored into your physical body; call all of you back, right down to your toes.

3. At night call all that you have sent out to return for you to address. Clear your energy field daily; be responsible for your creations.

4. Balance, feel and acknowledge every emotion, thought and test by your animus.

5. Sound the Om at least six times to change your vibration.

We know we are vibratory beings and it is the ratio to which we vibrate love that emanates the light within. Be a conscious being and let your light shine!

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Vanessa Finnigan is the founder, editor and publisher of Holistic Bliss.
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