HEALING AUTOIMMUNE NATURALLY by Marsha Schults – Autoimmune Recovery Coach

$10,000 in debt, I tried ‘everything’ to get my symptoms under control.

I was 45 and wearing incontinence pads. 

Diets, acupuncture, kinesiology, massage, homeopathy, osteopathy, counselling, naturopathy, herbs, oils and more …I even had psychotherapy. They just kept me functional but I didn’t regain my health. I was broke, sick and desperate.

I could hardly stand up without feeling like my legs would give way. I held onto walls around the house. I refused to give up. I knew deep down there was a natural solution. Even in my weakest moments, I refused to cry – my nervous system was too broken. 

It had been 3 days since my diagnosis of MS and I had never prayed so hard.

“Thank you for my healing. Show me the way. I surrender.” Over and over and over…

I didn’t even realise the gravity of my situation. What I did know – was that if I gave up, I would drop to the floor and I would not be able to get back up. But, I wasn’t ready for the ‘wheelie walker’ and I didn’t want the disability pension. I had goals!

My medical team failed me. I was on 5 prescription drugs and severely allergic to most foods. I was just getting worse…

The phone rang. It was my good friend Roslyn and she invited me to her health event the next day. Listening to a ‘Doctor of Natural Health’ – and avid stem cell regeneration and anti-ageing researcher, I was excited and hopeful for the first time. Could this be the answer to my prayers? 

I followed a specific protocol of supplements with a focus on gut health – including a stem cell regeneration support supplement. Vitamins & minerals (that I’d never even heard of) and 8 weeks later, I was back at full time work! 4 months later and I was 80% symptom free. Now I’m running again. I have a solid 7 hour sleep every, single night. I am symptom free and loving life!

As an Autoimmune Recovery Coach, I now share my protocol with others and simplify the complexity of Autoimmune and breaking the ‘no cure myth’. My approach is ‘holistic’. Healing isn’t just about taking a bunch of vitamins…

My clients learn about the diet changes that are required for optimum health, which bacteria and viruses are feeding the development of your Autoimmune, specific supplements and how to create and maintain a healthy gut microbiome DNA testing, emotional trauma recovery,  stress management and more; all geared towards supporting the body to heal itself

What’s even more interesting is that healing myself naturally was so much cheaper than being sick. For only $97, Holistic Bliss Magazine readers can get in touch with me by clicking on the QR code below or going to my website www.marshaschults.com 

Marsha Schults
Keynote Speaker
Best Selling Author
Autoimmune Recovery Coach
0413 704 061

Marsha Schults

Marsha Schults has a personal story of recovering from M.S and shares her wisdom, tips, products and tools as an autoimmune recovery coach in Brisbane, offering her consults nationally and overseas.

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