Breathe Into Self by Gaylene Aitken

It’s Tuesday late morning after breakfast and coffee, I’m sitting in a hammock on the veranda soaking up the warm winter rays and thinking about what being human means.

These are my thoughts…. for me being human is knowing me through my bodily senses and allowing the natural responses to my present situation.

It’s like how animals are but expressed in the uniqueness a two legged upright being must possess to be fully functional with gravity and earth rebound.

When we allow our true nature to be expressed on the physical plane, we part the curtain between the dimensions of our sensory organs and extend our awareness into the realms beyond time and space.

We’re eternal beings. I understand this to mean our time here on this planet is brief, just a blip in our timeline. In fact if we’re eternal beings then time doesn’t exist, it can’t as we need a beginning and potential for an ending to create a structure for the ideology of time.

So, I can instead say ‘our performance as a human on planet earth is brief’.

My thinking is, if my human performance is brief, then I want to know the script well to use the least amount of effort for the greatest amount of motion.

I know our body first needs breath, it needs fluids, it needs a coherent electrical system for motion. In essence, I feel I’m a moving transmitter and receiver of information powered by my breath.

This can mean these three expressions of life are sources for self healing, the breath being prime. Many people are unaware of their breath, its rhythm, depth, sound, feeling.

In my experience developing awareness of breath can be a pathway that leads us to our true nature, infinite consciousness having a brief human experience on this planet and also provide us with the key to our power over self healing in all dimensions.

Acknowledge the physicality of your breath by feeling air entering and leaving your body. It helps to lay on the floor in a quiet space with your feet flat and a support under your head.

Let your breath come without controlling it, observe it and feel more and more by extending your awareness into the parts of your body you feel being moved by your breath.

As you begin to let go of holding your body stiff you can influence your breath by directing your exhale to be a little longer than your inhale. No pressure or intention for outcome, just a gentle nudge by your consciousness to allow a softening and slowing of the rhythms.

We need carbon dioxide, without which there would be no life in our body or this planet. Carbon dioxide initiates the release of oxygen molecules from our blood. We can breathe deeply and often but the ability to make use of that oxygen is affected if carbon dioxide levels are out of balance.

Slowing and lengthening our exhale can help build resistance to the automatic impulse we’ve developed through use, to inhale when we actually have plenty of oxygen in our blood.

It can be quite confronting when we find that boundary. Instead of pushing hard against it or resisting, we can do it in another way; nudge against it, feel the reaction in your body and mind then move away into more familiar rhythms until you feel able to extend into the unknown without force.

This is the motion of the female principle that the world needs so desperately now. Step back into cool, dark, dampness, slow the speed and degree of intellectual heat, bring the breath back into the rhythm of rest, healing, love.

Reconnect to your eternal essence within the process of refined body awareness. The more people who turn their life into a performance that will develop and expand their true human abilities, the more energy we generate as a collective and can influence change on all levels for love to flourish. 

Gaylyn Aitken

Kahuna Mist began operations in 1996 as The Body Care Centre and changed it's name to Kahuna Mist in 2001. Owner and founder Gaylyn Aitken was trained by Kahu Abraham from 1997 until his passing in 2004 and continues with his work of evolutionary transformation through movement.

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