Building the foundation of wellness! By Vanessa Finnigan

dl-tony-andrew4Well known local entrepreneur and philanthropist, Tony Sells (44) is a man who inspires and contributes to humanity in some very expansive ways. He is a husband, a father of three beautiful children, an uber successful businessman (Tony is the pioneer of ‘Get Wines Direct’, Australia’s biggest online wine company) and he supports many compassionate causes to help alleviate human suffering.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama has recognised Tony’s incredible charity work; where he has spent the past few years donating his time, energy, resources and finances to the Tsum Valley remote village in Nepal, which has transformed the lives of thousands. It doesn’t stop there….Tony donates to a variety of charities and groups in Australia which are aligned with his ethics and are close to his heart.

Tony Sells is one of the most down to earth and sensitive souls with a great desire to bring about change holistically on the planet. He’s also your typical Aussie bloke who likes his football (proudly supporting Collingwood) and the odd drop of wine! Tony believes in the 80/20 principle with regards to a healthy lifestyle, with moderation and balance being personally valued.

The research into holistic wellness that Tony and his astute foundation partner, Andrew Dudek have undertaken over the last few years and their urgency to impart their findings and reach the mainstream world is impressive.  In fact, they see sharing this information and educating the public, as a ‘moral obligation’. So it’s their vision for the foundation’s messages to be promulgated locally, nationally and internationally.

This month marks a critical milestone for Tony and his dedicated team, and so it’s a great honour that Holistic Bliss was chosen to announce the official launch of their new holistic foundation, “Giving with Devotion” which will gather like minded individuals, groups and organisations to educate the public about wellness as a lifestyle choice. Giving unconditionally and with devotion are Buddhist ideals close to Tony’s heart, but he qualifies this by saying he’s not aligned with any one religious or spiritual teaching or teacher.

In a short amount of time, Tony and Andrew have engaged a range of well known leaders in the community to be involved with the foundation including: Jessica Ainscough (The Wellness Warrior) who recovered from cancer naturally, Sunny Kids, (a not for profit organisation helping disadvantaged kids), a well known retired missionary who is dedicated to Alzheimer’s disease recovery information, to name just a few. Many more will gather to support a foundation that can create change and usher this education into the mainstream world. Tony and his team see the work of the foundation as a way of informing and educating people about potentially life-saving and life changing modalities, processes and nutritional elements. In the process, mind, body and soul can be nurtured.

Tony says, “The foundation will comprise of an eclectic group and cover the whole generational spectrum.”  These practitioners, researchers, teachers and mentors will share their wisdom in areas such as: nutrition, emotional wellness, vitamin and herbal therapies, organics, Gerson therapy, the use of prayer, meditation and grounding techniques. They have also had biologists researching the beneficial effects of medicinal mushrooms, and are dedicated to orthomolecular fields of study.

Tony believes, “nature got it right the first time and nature will continue to get it right if we align ourselves with it.” This back to basics message is very much needed in the community if we are to create a long-term sustainable future. Tony and Andrew firmly believe we need to educate people about the perils of GMO food, and toxicity on all levels. There are so many alternatives and cleaner and greener ways to move forward to promote a more sustainable lifestyle and planet.

Andrew and Tony’s eyes twinkled as they talked about the hundredth monkey phenomenon….where there is a critical mass that’s reached and the collective consciousness changes. Imagine a world that can operate more consciously and where we have a lush planet earth to enjoy for generations to come..

If you would like to contribute to this foundation or to find out more details please contact Andrew Dudek on 1300 559 463.


Vanessa Finnigan is the founder, editor and publisher of Holistic Bliss.
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