Can’t Beat a Retreat

Is your present life hard work? Is there stress in your life that is affecting your health, your thinking and your performance? Would you like more time for your family, loved ones and the things that you really want to do? Do you think there’s more to life than you are currently experiencing? A Vasta Retreat will give you the direction and clarity you desire, to achieve your goals and the lifestyle you want, with ease.

John Vasta hosts a 5 day retreat program which he personally leads. John is a unique seminar facilitator with a grounded sincere energy. He is a pioneer and expert in the area of mind training and personal human development with 25 years experience teaching here and internationally. John bases his teachings on his own personal experiences and extensive study of people and their cultures.

John’s work is based on universal spiritual laws that will work for anyone regardless of age, education level or walk of life. This program goes beyond other modalities, beyond motivation, beyond goal setting. It is about re-programming your attitudes and beliefs with real tools you can use yourself without a practitioner for lasting results. This work makes you the ‘master of your own destiny’ through experiential exercises that address you as a holistic person, through results driven, unique tools.

Generate all the energy, enthusiasm, and intuitive creativity you require to dramatically lift your personal performance. Bring such power of concentration to bear that you are more successful and decisive in your day to day life than you’ve ever been before.

Imagine being able to harness more of the potential of your brain (instead of wasting the 95% that researchers estimate most people leave untapped). The positive effects on your life would not only be immediate, you would set a record of achievement that you have previously only admired in others.

How? By understanding how to use the true powers of your brain and mind. You don’t need to have any previous knowledge or certain levels of education. The potential to tap into the enormous power of the brain is within every one of us and is very easy to access. All you need to learn are the techniques. In fact, everyone has access to those abilities now but are unaware of it.

RELAXATION – dissipating stress and tension. Understanding and using the body’s natural energy centres to switch into the Alpha level of the brain.
STUDY and RAPID LEARNING – concentrate, improve understanding and memory while studying or listening to lectures. Access peak performance in any activity you choose.
MENTAL ANESTHESIA – relieve headaches, eliminate migraines, and easily manage any ache or pain using the power of your mind.
USING YOUR SUPER COMPUTER WHILE SLEEPING – solve problems and be creative while sleeping. Remember and understand your dreams.
SLEEP – how to awaken in the morning feeling refreshed and energized at the time you want to. Learn to overcome insomnia and disturbed sleep without pills or medication.
ACHIEVING your GOALS and DREAMS – Learn mental rehearsal techniques to make your goals and dreams a reality. Improve in sport, work and prosperity. Adopt success qualities for better, easier living. Learn the success strategies of the world’s greatest achievers.
MEMORY – Improve your memory by 100% in 30 days.
HABITS – Lose or gain weight without diets using your Alpha mind. Let go of cigarettes, alcohol, drugs without effort. Be a decisive, motivated person. Overcome procrastination. Eliminate any bad habit easily.
HOLISTIC HEALTH – How to manage illness and disease using your brain power for yourself and your loved ones. Accelerate the bodies own natural healing process up to 10 times faster.
COMMUNICATION and LOVE – Resolving conflict and building loving and lasting relationships.
INTUITION AND CREATIVITY – Switching on your creativity at the Alpha level and using the other 95% of your brain scientist’s say we are not accessing.
ESP and your PSYCHIC SENSES – Go beyond your 5 physical senses. How to develop and understand your inner senses and project the power of your mind to use these senses in everyday life. How to gain the clarity necessary to become more intuitive and benefit from synchronicity (coincidence, being at the right place at the right time).
CONFIDENCE – Build powerful confidence and self esteem. Be enthusiastic and raise your personal energy levels, dissolve negativity and depression. Evolve your life’s work into a passionate expression of yourself.

More information at Or
Retreat Date (living in) – July 5th – July 11th 2015 – Places are limited.


Vanessa Finnigan is the founder, editor and publisher of Holistic Bliss.
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