Change Is My Friend by Linda Simpson

Throughout my life I’ve chosen to learn through and from other people’s experiences. Learning how to view change as my friend has been a game changer from the moment I saw how simple change could be and what it could create.

In the 90’s I attended a positive motivation seminar and one of the speakers spoke about how any change is change, there’s no quantifying how small or big, it will all bring about new ideas and prospects. His thoughts were that once you activated a change your brain accepts that this change is ‘normal’ and stops making you wary or fearful of it.

His promotion was that as a start, we just do something simple, it didn’t have to be complicated or life changing. He spoke about the simple action of placing your watch on the other wrist so I did that straight away. It didn’t take long before I automatically looked at my left wrist for my watch which left me thinking, “What else could I do?”

‘Change Is My Friend’ became a regular saying and as I generated more change I created a gentle system so that I really did remember what change I was intending.

This simplicity has stayed with me along with the knowledge that change is a switch that you take hold of OR change will come to you. When this happens, you’re not in charge. Seems to me that acting on change, even in the smallest of ways, is more preferable.

Life often interfered with my purpose, causing me to forget what it was I was changing so I created reminders. Sometimes I would carry a crystal or pebble in my pocket; then I would boost this with stick-it note reminders in the car, anything to keep me on track during the first few days of bedding in the change.

Over time I’ve used a myriad of small, uncomplicated changes to bring in the ripple effect, to enhance the waves of change in my world.

I’m naturally an ambidextrous person raised during a time of right handers which meant a lot of the initial changes I selected were to do with teaching my left hand to remember how to do stuff:

• Brush my teeth
• Prepare food
• Iron clothes
• Fix my hair
• Shower and dry

The change machine has been a habit for quite some time now and the list of small things to do is ongoing.

Rediscovering the use of my left hand is an awesome ‘side effect’ of maintaining this habit but I won’t write letters with it quite yet.

It’s always interesting to quantify outcomes from a challenge for change and they often sneak up on me. Weeks down the track I suddenly realise that oh yes, I have turned more fully on my path, I am more focused and my world is happy.

I truly believe that small changes have a strong ripple effect and that magic happens when I’ve been the one to intend this change.


Vanessa Finnigan is the founder, editor and publisher of Holistic Bliss.
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