Colon Hydrotherapy for Good Skin and Great Health! By Katrina Drew

There are thousands of skin care products on the market. But have we ever thought about not just what we put on our skin, but how our bodies are functioning on the inside?

Depending on where we live, we can be walking around in a cloud of chemicals.  Car fumes, the stress of being stuck in peak hour traffic, synthetic clothes, artificial colourings and preservatives, the list goes on.  Even while going on a leisurely walk with the dog in the wetlands, you may be unlucky enough to be sprayed with pesticides.

Our skin is the largest organ for detoxification in the body.  So it is inevitable if other organs such as the liver and colon are inadequately functioning, this may cause skin break outs and increased aging. We may be eating the best organic foods and applying natural skin care (which are all important things to do).  But if our bodily organs are slow and sluggish, from a build up of dangerous toxins, this will lead to blemished skin, black heads, increased aging, deeper wrinkles and fine lines and more.

Removing the build up of stuck waste within the colon through colon hydrotherapy, leaves the skin glowing, looking vibrant and re-energized, without those unsightly dark bags under your eyes.  

Even if your bowels are functioning adequately, our bodies still hang onto toxins and waste. 

It is like not servicing the car when it is due, do we leave it too long and don’t value maintaining it? What would happen if we did this throughout our whole life? Eventually we would have  ‘start up’ problems!  Our bodies work exactly the same way, just because everything seems to be working fine, doesn’t mean we should never do maintenance on our bodies. A spring clean always leaves you glowing from the inside- out.

Katrina from Brisbane integrative Health works on the whole body, whilst her client is having their colon hydrotherapy treatment. She uses essential oils and herbal formulas to help with the detoxification process, focussing on calming the nervous system so the client is always at peace throughout the colonic, (which eliminates any client discomfort) leaving the client feeling as if they have had a relaxing massage instead of a colonic.

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