Coming back from trauma by Trudy Vains

I am 45 and have spent a lot of time recovering from surgeries and teaching yoga from a wheelchair.

Yoga has been my main focal point and along with positive mindset, I have been able to get out of that wheelchair because I have dedicated myself to adapting to new ways of living, including healthier lifestyle, being active and physically fit.  Meditation is always key as this controls emotions and energy.

Throughout my life, I have had to learn to be patient, kind to myself and let go of any expectations of what I thought I should be doing, to – what I can do on that day.

Like most people, I took my spine health for granted, and ignored some signs of distress but it caught up with me and my busy lifestyle.

Lucky To Be Walking

The doctors said – “get used to the wheelchair.”

And I thought to myself – “I don’t think so!”

I’ve needed two spinal surgeries as a result of 6 car accidents over my lifetime.

After a bump on a Rickshaw ride, within 3 weeks I was completely wheelchair bound, dependent on so many people for everything.

The cumulative injuries were so bad that the doctors didn’t think I could be fixed in a way that would ever enable me to walk properly again. 

I had been teaching yoga for 4 years, our studio was popular, and amidst all the pain, I had to figure out how I could possibly still conduct classes for my clients effectively and still keep our doors open.

Things had to change…..for now

•           I taught from a wheelchair verbally, I could move my arms but nothing else.

•           I sought out clients who didn’t mind being my demonstration ‘models’ while I verbally taught what they were doing.

•           We found lots of laughter which is a great distraction AND releases endorphins.

•           I found acceptance that this is how things needed to be – for now.

•           Meditation was the ONLY answer for me, when you have good mindset you have everything.

Mind/Body/Soul Connection

I had to go back to the mind, body and soul connection that I have always known and practised, to be kind to myself even more than before.  There are many things that help with this, plenty of resources online and through google search.

I cannot stress enough how the power of our minds have the ability to dictate the quality of our lives.  My meditation strengthened my mind, which in turn strengthened my body.

You CAN do anything, you might have to adjust some things, but fulfillment and joy override everything.

Life is meant to be lived, but your mindset is always the first thing to change. FUSED book purchase – online classes purchase – normal class timetable

Phone: 0448104642

Trudy Vains

Trudy Vains is a Yoga Teacher in Burpengary specialising in back care, pregnancy, and Post Natal. Author of FUSED, and creator of online classes Back Pain Yoga.

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