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“As you think, you vibrate. As you vibrate, you attract.” – Abraham Hicks
Anne Aleckson is on the other end of the phone. She’s booked to conduct another of her quintessential one-on-one channelling sessions.
First comes her opening question: “Do you wish to speak with Anne Aleckson?” If you (correctly) answer “no”, brace yourself. You have just given consent to substantially detach from much of your ‘normal’ waking reality. You are about to enter other realms. You will engage directly with some (or maybe all) of the spirits/beings/entities that collaboratively work with, through and on behalf of this most extraordinarily gifted woman. And, by the end, you will be shown… your true vibration.
Multitalented, multifaceted, and multidimensional, Anne literally traverses time, space and more. Well over a month after our first personal encounter, this writer, happily, is still being ‘red-pilled’ by the myriad of wondrous rabbit hole-like realms she has helped unlock and open. Wow!!
And that wasn’t even the phone session; just our lovely, shared, drawn-out cuppa at, of all places, a bustling, noisy Brisbane shopping centre!
A self-described friend and loner, lover of turmeric chai lattes, shoe addict, grandmother, soul speaker, author, guide and channel, Anne’s repertoire, and her reservoir of remedies, are a revelation.
Here is a woman who inspires the living, and ‘sees dead people.’ A deep empath (“If I pinch you, I’ll feel it.”) who emphatically but easily allows us to see, grasp and use necessary keys to propel us towards ‘empowerment and sovereignty.’
Anne’s bespoke channelling sessions can take place via many mediums (sorry, pun intended). However whether you choose to go via phone, online or in person, please know your experience will assuredly not be with Anne Aleckson.
In person, Anne is unassuming, amiable, warm and engaging. She articulates with laser sharp, pinpoint precision. “I really don’t know how, or where, I got this much… truth,” she humbly shares. “Although, I did have my own ‘Eat Pray Love’ moment”, she enigmatically smiles. “Before that, I was in crappy relationships, crappy health, etc. But I was handed the keys, including even to physical health for 10 years now.”
Anne possesses that beautiful knack of delivering truth. Unmasked and uncomplicated. And in this zeitgeist of rampaging regulations and runaway reliance on technology and artificial intelligence, that’s an amazing achievement!
Anne nails it: “You are a physical manifestation of God – so start acting like it!” What does she most want readers of Holistic Bliss to understand about her work (Anne prefers the words ‘being of service’)?
“What I most want to convey… is that humans are actually evolving rapidly into beings who are not just physical beings, but are blended with their non-physical aspects, and that this is how I channel wisdom and healing and this is available to everyone who chooses it, and does the inner work to raise their vibrational frequency to that of higher consciousness.
“And so I would call myself a channel and a co-facilitator of the energy that flows through me… to serve whomever is with me in session or in a group. I am ‘in service’ to your soul.
“The ‘gold’ that I take away from all sessions is that underneath it all, we are all the same… the one soul playing at being individuals who have fears and dramas and life experiences that cause us to think we are less than that. In session with a client I only see the pure energy that they really are.”
Who could ever forget that towering classic (and spiritual), comedic (and metaphysical) masterpiece of Australian cinema, The Castle?
Many of us intuitively understood what the bumbling but very likeable lawyer Dennis Denuto meant when he submitted to the judge: “… It’s Law. It’s… the vibe… and ah, no that’s it. It’s the vibe. I rest my case.” Well, Anne Aleckson not only gets the concept of ‘the vibe’, she conveys it to us all – with stark, soaring simplicity. Anne is also a most adroit wordsmith, as demonstrated in all her past and present work; a mere visit to her website showcases her charm, grace, gentle humour and veracity. “I published a children’s book in 2008 called, ‘My Secret Superhero’.”
Now, 10 years on, we’re about to be treated to her latest book, ‘The Enlightened Change-Maker’, due in September. What a title! It’s actually Anne in a nutshell!
It’s also going to be Anne explaining to us, with her vintage clarity, exactly how we get the keys to freedom, peace and healing, in our quest to fully transcend into the enlightened makers of change we’re ready to become.
“The book takes readers through the five journeys to become the change they want to see happening in the world (I sometimes call this peaceful activism). It’s the teachings and philosophies from ‘All-That-Is’ that I have been sharing for the past 10 years in events and client sessions about how to become self-empowered as an individual and how that creates change in the collective, leading to change in the world. We can’t keep waiting for someone else to change all the ways that the world has gone wrong, we must become self-empowered, in control of our true power and then command and lead change in that energy.”
The five affirmative journeys Anne takes us on are:
• I AM a physical manifestation of the non-physical;
• I ACTIVATE my superconscious mind;
• I CREATE my reality;
• I MASTER my energy;
• I CHANGE my life and the world.
“‘All-That-Is’ gave me these words many years ago, when I was going on about how horrible war is. In truth, it’s ‘world peace through inner peace, one person at a time’ and then I was told that: ‘it starts with me’ and I guess that’s really the overall theme of everything about my work and being the change you want to see in the world.… I see world peace as being the end result of all the other ‘wrong’ things being righted… when we have no hunger, no homelessness, no lack, when all beings take care of each other and are cared for etc, then collectively there will be no need for war or greed etc,” said Anne.
Nicola Tesla famously said: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
As tantalising and alluring as Tesla’s words are, it’s our contemporary torchbearers like Anne Aleckson, who help us pick up, distil, and come closer to better understanding, embracing, and living, these beautiful truths.


Vanessa Finnigan is the founder, editor and publisher of Holistic Bliss.
Holistic Bliss is also available to be downloaded as a free App (downloaded in 52 countries) and you can receive notifications about new articles and cover personalities on your phone.

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