CONSCIOUS LEADERSHIP – THE ROAD MAP: STEP 8 – What Brings You Joy? by Artemis Evangelidi

This is a question I find myself asking daily – not only of myself, but of my family, my friends and always of my clients.

What brings you joy?

Evolution never stops – it doesn’t have an end point or take time out to rest. It is a constant process, expanding and pushing the boundaries whether we are consciously aware of it or not. And it works through two main channels. The first is through suffering, a pathway we all know very well. Challenges, difficult situations and traumatic experiences all provide an opportunity for increased self-awareness, growth, and the inevitable expansion of one’s consciousness. The second is through joy.

The question of what brings us joy is not to be answered lightly. Yes, time with a good friend, a trip away, a favourite meal, all bring us joy in the day-to-day experience and are an integral part of our self-love and self-care playbook. But the deeper yearning of what brings us joy moves us closer to what our passions and ultimately, our purpose(s) are.

What we are most passionate about comes through when we find ourselves inspired. Inspiration is an emotional fire starter. When we have been inspired, the electricity we feel within our bodies, the bliss that runs through our veins, the optimism that lights up our eyes, cannot be ignored. We are all inspired by different things because inspiration is linked to our passions as passions are linked to what we have come here to do; our purpose(s).

Getting clear on what brings us joy is at the cornerstone of being a Conscious Leader. It means that we are aligned with our soul consciousness and know that we will only expand our energy on those things that require our full and undivided attention. It also means that we are always acting and behaving in line with our values, for anything that does not bring us joy is in direct conflict with those things that we value most. 

So today I ask you: What Brings You Joy? Perhaps you can spend a little time to journal on that question and see what comes up for you, then you can explore it even further – what areas of your life are no longer aligned or need to shift in some way so that what surrounds you externally is closer to the energetic frequency within? 

When we take the time to answer this question, we are often faced with some hard truths and even harder decisions to make. However, this is where the most incredible growth takes place – in this place of honest authenticity and complete alignment with that which matters most and what brings us joy.

If you would like to explore what brings you joy, book in your 1-hour Living & Leading Consciously Realignment Session with me today – details can be found here:

Artemis Evangelidi

Artemis Evangelidi is a former lawyer turned author, trainer and conscious leadership consultant based in Melbourne. She runs conscious leadership workshops for individuals, companies, students and educators around the world.

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