Conscious Leadership – The Roadmap Step 6: Three Simple Ways to ‘Be The Change’ by Artemis Evangelidi

When I first started out in the legal profession, I was lucky enough to work with a lawyer who truly cared about his clients. He saw his role as that of a mediator, integrating the rule of law with an empathetic practice. As I had studied law to help bring healing and love to a broken world, I was thrilled that I was encouraged to take things personally, bringing compassion and kindness to the workplace to alleviate client suffering as much as possible. Imagine my shock when I transitioned to a large inner-city firm and found this approach effectively forbidden. 

Being ‘too friendly’, ‘smiling too much with the clients’ and ‘taking a personal interest in their problems’ were all reprimandable behaviours. It slowly became apparent that the culture was breeding emotional unintelligence, but more distressingly, it was churning out a workforce of disempowered, uninspired, and detached lawyers who had accepted the inevitable quashing of their passions and purpose. 

Where consciousness, self-awareness and heart-based leadership is lacking, these are the results. But where leaders can own their emotions without judgement, are clear on their purpose, behave in line with their values and are ready to take personal responsibility, the shifts can really begin. 

Learning to be the change takes commitment and discipline to do the inner work each and every day. But it also takes commitment and discipline to mentor all those around you, empowering them to have the courage to find and speak their truth.

Authenticity is worth more than all the MBAs in the world combined. Reaching into that authentic core with a growth mindset in place opens the door to incredible change, firstly within and then all around. It is in our truest nature to be kind, to be caring, to have compassion and to heal – that is what it means to be human. But the human condition also means that we can get thrown off track at times. Fear and ego, if not befriended and brought in to assist, can overtake and quieten the whispering of our soul.

Being the change is soul work, it is putting love in action and moving away from blame, victim mode aggressiveness. By doing so, we can bring to the forefront each person’s unique talents, gifts, and potential instead of trying to mould them into our mirror image.

If you are ready to be the change you can start today with these three simple steps:

1. Monitor your energy. What energy are you bringing to each interaction? What energy are you receiving? Is your energetic frequency aligned with the higher vibrations of love and unconditional openness?

2. Listen consciously. Listen to understand, not to respond. Through conscious listening we can pick up on a lot more than what is being said and we can challenge our own assumptions and preconceptions.

3. Speak your truth. Admit your shortcomings, own your mistakes, step away from drama and focus on finding the solutions. This will open the door for all those around you to do the same, watching you step up with courage and without fear of what others may think or say about you.

If you are ready to be the change, book in your 1 hour Living & Leading Consciously RealignmentSession with me today – details can be found here:

Artemis Evangelidi

Artemis Evangelidi is a former lawyer turned author, trainer and conscious leadership consultant based in Melbourne. She runs conscious leadership workshops for individuals, companies, students and educators around the world.

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